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Internal Medicine Specialties

IU School of Medicine Department of Internal Medicine includes ten specialty divisions that provide clinical care, focused research and training programs for the next generation of physicians in Indianapolis and throughout Indiana at regional campuses.

Medicine researchers are at the forefront of science. They are also developing new technologies to help with patient care.

The staff and faculty of each division provide gateways for medical excellence through specialty centers they operate for clinical and research purposes.


Internal Medicine physicians interested in exploring career options in academic medicine at IU School of Medicine can find information about the working environment through the careers hub.

Faculty Positions

  • Cardiovascular Medicine
    While recognized for its commitment to patient care, research and education, the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine is equally focused on prevention and early detection.
  • Clinical Pharmacology
    Cutting-edge basic, translational and clinical research are helping the Division of Clinical Pharmacology move toward its ultimate goal of personalized drug therapy, leading to reduced adverse reactions and lower costs.
  • Endocrinology
    With a growing research mission, Division of Endocrinology researchers at IU School of Medicine focus on alcoholism, hypertension and obesity. Faculty also support a robust clinical service aimed at improving inpatient diabetes care.
  • Gastroenterology/Hepatology
    Faculty in the Division of Gastroenterology/Hepatology foster learning through a robust fellowship program, clinical service aided by state-of-the-art equipment, and research efforts that generate $10 million of funding annually.
  • General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics
    The Division of General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics at IU School of Medicine was one of the first three such divisions in the United States, dating back to 1970, and is now one of the largest in the country with nearly 300 faculty involved in teaching, service and research.
  • Hematology/Oncology
    The Division of Hematology/Oncology is best known for discovering the cure for testicular cancer through the guidance of Larry Einhorn, MD, the world’s top expert in the field for that disease.
  • Infectious Diseases
    Basic, clinical, translational and implementation research in the Division of Infectious Diseases at IU School of Medicine take place in the division’s centers in conjunction with patient care and education programs, which advance innovative strategies to improve lives locally and globally.
  • Nephrology
    The Division of Nephrology is home to one of only nine National Institutes of Health O’Brien centers for advanced imaging of kidneys to understand the mechanisms of disease. Clinical efforts support hundreds of dialysis patients.
  • Pulmonary, Critical Care, Sleep and Occupational Medicine
    The Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care, Sleep and Occupational Medicine houses four fellowships and operates several premier clinics with more than 40 physicians and other faculty.
  • Rheumatology
    A history of successful research has positioned the Division of Rheumatology to explore becoming more diverse while maintaining a strong commitment to education. The division is a major resource for ambulatory learning.