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Clinical Pharmacology

The clinical research focus of the Clinical Pharmacology division is on genetics and non-genetic mechanisms of inter-individual variability in drug effects, and encompass a broad range of areas, including cardiology, nephrology, obstetrics, reproductive endocrinology, hematology/oncology, medical oncology, GI/hepatology and infectious disease.


Faculty clinical pharmacologists within the Department of Medicine conduct basic, translational and clinical research designed to improve understanding and predicting therapeutic drug responses.
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Clinical Care

The ultimate goal of faculty clinical pharmacologists at IU School of Medicine is to personalize drug therapy by optimizing beneficial effects, while minimizing adverse effects and cost.
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The Clinical Pharmacology team offers a fellowship program as well as graduate-level courses for learners seeking in-depth training in the drug discovery and development process.
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Drug Interaction Database

The Flockhart Table™ is a cytochrome P450 drug-interaction reference tool focused on the human cytochrome P450 system. The information presented in this drug-interaction table is intended as general health information and as an educational tool. It is not intended as medical advice. Only a physician, pharmacist or other health care professional should advise a patient on medical issues and should do so using a medical history and other factors identified and documented as part of the health professional/patient relationship.

Indiana Institute for Personalized Medicine

The Indiana Institute for Personalized Medicine is improving the practice of medicine by advancing the personalization of therapy for a wide range of conditions—that is, finding the best drug for each patient.