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Explore a career at the largest medical school in the United States

Why pursue a career at IU School of Medicine?

From national leading oncologists in Fort Wayne to staff celebrating 30 year-long careers in downtown Indianapolis, there's more than one way to be a healer at Indiana University School of Medicine.

For more than a hundred years, people around the world have helped create the foundation that has made IU School of Medicine a leader in transformative research and personalized care. The school fosters a culture of acceptance that keeps the door open for everyone to reach their full potential, especially those who choose IU School of Medicine for their career. Whether it's a first-time job or the next big thing, thousands have found and built a community of distinction through inclusion, expertise, opportunity, diversity and equitable care. 

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  • Collaboration
    Whether it's with colleagues at one of the school's nine campuses or with medical experts from around the world, IU School of Medicine values collaboration and the benefit it brings. 

    Statewide Collaboration

    Indiana Health

    Precision Medicine

  • Preparing Healers. Transforming Health.
    A commitment to being a national leader in research and medical education. 
  • Research Impact

    IU School of Medicine's research funding grows annually, providing prospective faculty with the opportunity to thrive in the research they love to do.

    2020-21 Fact Sheet

    Annual Report

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
    From town halls and school-wide messaging to conferences and intentional training, IU School of Medicine works daily to not only lead but to listen and learn on how it can be more sensitive, transparent and informed.

    Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

    Recruitment and Retention

    Inclusive Climate

    Annual LGBTQ Health Care Conference

  • Largest medical school in the nation
    With more than 1,400 medical students, 220 doctoral students, 25 academic departments, and nearly 1,500 residents and fellows, IU School of Medicine is the largest medical school in the country. It is currently ranked #14 in NIH-funded public medical schools with over $213 million provided in 2020.

    NIH Funding Milestone



  • Largest employer in the state

    With nearly 2,000 staff members and more than 2,900 faculty*, IU School of Medicine helps contribute to IU 's continued leadership as the largest employer in Indiana.

    School History

     *not including the over 4,000 volunteer and part-time faculty
  • Supportive Leadership
    The leadership team at IU School of Medicine is deeply and personally committed to an environment of professional collaboration and growth. Led by Dean Jay L. Hess, MD, PhD, MHSA the clinical, educational, research, faculty and administrative affairs of the school are aligned in a pursuit of academic excellence. Leadership Team

IU School of Medicine Vision

Not just talk, but action

It's not just what a school says, but what it will do and how it implements change throughout its community. At IU School of Medicine faculty and staff have the opportunity to be part of new diversity initiatives made within each of its 25 departments. From pediatrics to Alzheimer's disease, faculty can offer their expertise to improve health outcomes for all Hoosiers. With a history spanning more than a hundred years, IU School of Medicine instills an engaging and welcoming learning environment on each of its nine campuses. 

Exploring Stories

Whether it's a faculty expert exploring new treatment for Alzheimer's disease or an educational coordinator welcoming new radiology residents, there are countless perspectives to explore at IU School of Medicine. The best way to start the journey is to read their stories.

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