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Private Student Loan Co-signers Beware: Understand the Risks

In today’s marketplace, many private loans require a co-signer as a safeguard.  Often, the co-signer is a parent or relative.  Rarely is a co-signer a stranger, unless they fully...

Jose Espada • Date: 3/8/17

Bone Healing in Space

Melissa Kacena, PhD, associate professor, leads a team of researchers in finding bone healing therapies aboard the International Space Station.

Global Health

Dr. Rachel Vreeman, Assistant Professor, IU School of Medicine Department of Pediatrics, spends much of her time is Eldoret, Kenya and...

Med Student Money

Find financial literacy information and money management advice for medical students.

MedEd Matters

This blog provides valuable teaching information for IU School of Medicine faculty.


A place for individuals training in academic science to learn about career opportunities in the Indiana life sciences sector by networking...

Research Updates

Faculty involved with basic, translational and health policy research at IU School of Medicine provide insights and updates about their work.

Roadmap to Residency

Med students can find advice here for navigating training to reach a successful medical career.

Student Life

IU School of Medicine students offer advice and insight about medical school, based on their personal experience.