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IU experts provide education on, treatment for thyroid disorders

Millions of Americans have a form of thyroid disease and don’t know. The thyroid— a butterfly-shaped gland located in the lower part of the neck—is crucial to how the body operates, producing hormones that regulate metabolism, body temperature and other organ functions.

Ben Middelkamp  |  Jan 22, 2021

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Photo of Dr. Gregory Borschel

Faculty Spotlight - Gregory Borschel, MD

Gregory Borschel, MD, is the James Harbaugh, Jr. Professor of Plastic Surgery at Indiana University School of Medicine, Department of Surgery and the Chief of

Marco Gutierrez  |  Jan 12, 2021

Jonathan Fridell, MD, Division Chief of Transplant Surgery, receiving leadership award

Jonathan Fridell, MD, Division Chief of Transplant Surgery, receives leadership award

Each year, Indiana University Health presents Values Leadership Awards to compassionate and dedicated team members sustaining workplace excellence. This regional distinction is awarded to four

Marco Gutierrez  |  Jan 08, 2021


Spirituality in Medicine | Buddhism

Spiritual and compassionate care focuses on a patient's spiritual wellbeing by connecting them to spiritual traditions, rituals and practices as they experience a health crisis.

Nikki Livingston  |  Jan 08, 2021


Reflections on MLK’s Legacy | Health and Justice

King’s work toward peace, human rights and justice are concepts and foundational pillars that continue to influence many. However, as the country navigates the compounding

Nikki Livingston  |  Jan 08, 2021

Stethoscope and heart image

IU School of Medicine Mental Health Services supports medical trainees during trying times

It may be tempting to say “Good riddance!” to 2020, but the reality is, many of 2020’s stressors will carry over into 2021. In light

Laura Gates  |  Dec 17, 2020

Amstutz with knitted mittens

The Sharing Joy Project: Members of IU Health, IU School of Medicine community find joy through creativity during pandemic

The Sharing Joy Project encourages members of IU School of Medicine and IU Health to submit photos of “anything that brings personal joy.” The resulting

Laura Gates  |  Dec 15, 2020

IU medical student trains to give COVID vaccine

Indiana University medical students volunteer to administer COVID-19 vaccines

Health officials for the State of Indiana called upon Indiana University School of Medicine to train a volunteer army of medical students who will be

Laura Gates  |  Dec 14, 2020

Winter Holidays

Treating the Whole Person: Compassionate Care this Holiday Season

As religious and cultural holidays approach, providers can be mindful to offer spiritual and compassionate care to patients. This type of care focuses on a

IU School of Medicine  |  Dec 08, 2020

Kumar and other members of the U.S. Cochrane Network.

IU School of Medicine student getting 'hands-on' training

In her spare time, medical student Nimisha Kumar enjoys different hobbies like weaving, sewing and painting. Working with her hands has always been something she

Christina Griffiths  |  Dec 01, 2020