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Explore the MD admission process at IU School of Medicine, including application requirements, admissions timeline and Frequently Asked Questions

MD Program Admissions

IU School of Medicine seeks applicants who are passionate about patient care and committed to training for a collaborative career in medicine. The school takes great pride in its students, as they develop into compassionate professionals who are committed to improving health in Indiana and beyond.

Interested students can apply to the IU School of Medicine MD program through the AMCAS system. The deadline for AMCAS applications and transcripts is mid-November.

Admissions Process

  1. Apply
  2. Submit Materials
  3. Interview
  4. Celebrate Acceptance
  5. Rank Campuses
  6. Attend Orientation
  7. Matriculate


Begin the journey from student to healer at IU School of Medicine.

Ellen Yos works on her scholarly concentration project

Why IU

What makes IU School of Medicine an excellent place to prepare for a career as a compassionate, outstanding and well-rounded healer? Hear from students and leaders about what makes IU special—the almost unlimited opportunities for students to explore their interests at nine campuses positioned in unique communities around the state.

Why IU

Application Requirements

MD applicants must have completed ninety (90) credit hours from an accredited U.S. or Canadian institution of higher education as well as the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). It is highly recommended students engage in a variety of medical and service-learning activities before applying to Indiana University School of Medicine. 

Prerequisite Coursework

  • One year of General and Organic Chemistry, Physics, and Biology—minimum two-hour lab
  • One semester of Biochemistry
  • One Social Science AND one Behavioral Science course

Requirements may be in progress at time of application. The MD Admissions Committee reserves the right to determine which courses fulfill program requirements.

Early Decision Program

The Early Decision Program offers medical school applicants the opportunity to secure acceptance to IU School of Medicine by October 1. Applicants not accepted during the Early Decision Program process are placed in the regular applicant pool and may apply to other medical schools after October 1.

Program Details

Explore the benefits and requirements of the Early Decision Program.

Applicant Review Process

After a prospective student’s AMCAS application is submitted, IU School of Medicine receives a notification. A request for supplemental information is sent only to applicants invited to interview. All applicants invited to interview are determined based on a holistic review process. Selected applicants must complete the IU Graduate School application and submit the application fee. Qualified applicants will receive an interview invitation via email. Interviews are conducted September through March.

MD Program Application FAQ

Prospective applicants and applicants who interviewed and did not receive an offer of acceptance may schedule an appointment for consultation by calling 317-274-3772 or email:

All applications are submitted through AMCAS. Upon verification, all applications are processed through the IU School of Medicine Admissions Office in Indianapolis. Only applicants invited for an interview receive a request to provide supplemental information and complete the IUPUI Graduate Program application.

Yes, to schedule a tour of the Indianapolis campus contact the Admissions Ambassadors,  Take a virtual tour of all nine campuses. To schedule regional campus tours contact the sites direct. 

Yes, Medical school matriculants must have been awarded a Bachelor's degree unless applying and accepted through an IU School of Medicine program which has waived the requirement. In order to apply, applicants must have a minimum of 90 credit hours from a U.S. or Canadian institution and permanent resident visa.

No, prerequisites can be in progress, but all prerequisites must be complete to matriculate.

Yes, the MD Admissions Committee accepts some AP credit but recommends applicants enroll in college courses to complete the prerequisites. The Admissions Committee reserves the right to determine which courses fulfill requirements.

IU School of Medicine does not accept international students. Applicants must have a Permanent Resident visa  or be a U.S. citizen at time of application.

Yes, applicants may retake the MCAT. An admission decision will not be issued until a valid MCAT is on file. The Admissions Committee only considers the most recent MCAT for admission purposes.

Applicants are welcome to reapply. However, we recommend scheduling an appointment with a director for consultation before reapplying. Applicants should take steps to enhance the new application (i.e., retake the MCAT, enroll into upper level courses, etc.)

Questions regarding residency should be directed to the Office of the Registrar. You may also view the requirements and contact information. Please do not complete a residency application unless requested to do so by IU School of Medicine Office of Admissions.

No. Repeating courses will only improve the institution GPA. AMCAS will include all grades on the transcript in the GPA calculation. The institution GPA may appear higher than the AMCAS GPA calculation. IU School of Medicine utilizes the AMCAS GPA for admission purposes.

Once the AMCAS application is received IU will send an email confirming receipt. Applicants selected for interview will receive a Supplemental Instructions email with instructions to complete the IUPUI Graduate Program application and pay the application fee $70. Applicants will not be scheduled for an interview until the Graduate application and fee is submitted.

The best major is one which meets the applicant’s academic goals. The Admissions Committee does not recommend or give preference to any major. For example, applicants have matriculated with degrees in English, Biology, Music, Law and Interior Design.

To stand out on your medical school application to be your authentic self and step outside of your comfort zone to broaden your educational background.

Applicants should apply when the application opens on May 31; processing can take several weeks.

IU School of Medicine Office of Admissions does not recommend one test prep course over another. We recommend you consider all options and select the one which best meets your needs.

 Evaluators should be someone who has known you for years and can evaluate your personality, character, and assess your academic prowess for medicine.

Explore specialized MD programs

Rural Medicine Program

The school's Terre Haute campus offers a unique four-year program focused on training physicians to meet the health care needs of rural and medically underserved areas.

three students work together at the Gary campus

Urban Medicine Program

The Gary campus offers a four-year program focused on training culturally competent physicians to provide care for underserved communities in urban settings.

Dual Degree Programs

MD students can adjust the traditional four-year MD education schedule to complete an additional complementary degree such as a PhD, MBA, JD, MPH or MA.