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New MD Class Matriculation

Matriculation is the dividing line between applying to a medical school program and officially becoming an enrolled student. The matriculation process for students at IU School of Medicine includes completion of admission tasks and a fun-filled orientation week that celebrates the new phase in the student’s educational journey. The culmination of orientation is the White Coat Ceremony, when new medical students receive their white coats and officially become part of the IU School of Medicine community.

White Coat Ceremony

The highlight and culmination of orientation week is the White Coat Ceremony, when each member of the new class of MD students receives the iconic short white coat and officially matriculates to become part of the IU School of Medicine community. This ceremony marks a transformation for first-year students. In observance of the professional attitudes and ethical behaviors that all physicians in training must portray, the short white coats worn by medical students elicit the high expectations patients have of the doctor-patient relationship.

In the presence of family, friends and faculty members, students are welcomed in to the medical community by leaders of the school. The formal program is generally held off campus on the Friday afternoon of Orientation Week. Tickets are required.


2019 White Coat Ceremony

On August 2, the Class of 2023 received their first white coats, took the Physician’s Oath and officially became first year medical students at IU School of Medicine.