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Application Requirements

Applying to IU School of Medicine 

  • Holistic review assessments are in place to determine the fitness of applicants' backgrounds for medical school admission.
  • IU School of Medicine will accept P/NP (no pass) or S/F grades as meeting requirements.
  • Online coursework is accepted but preference is for students to complete science prerequisite courses in classroom settings and at four year accredited institutions.
  • Interviews are held on Wednesdays online. Applicants invited for an interview should check email and the Applicant Portal for details.


Medical school matriculants must have a Bachelor degree unless they are applying and accepted through an Indiana University School of Medicine program which has waived the requirement.

In order to apply, applicants must have a minimum of 90 credit hours from a U.S. or Canadian institution and permanent resident visa, as well as the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). Submission of CASper test scores recommended. Applicants should have a general understanding of medical settings and experience some level of patient and physician interactions. It is highly recommended students engage in a variety of medical and service learning activities before applying to Indiana University School of Medicine.

 Prerequisite Coursework

  • One year of general and organic chemistry, physics, and biology — minimum two-hour lab
  • One semester of biochemistry
  • One social science and one behavioral science course

Requirements may be in progress at time of application. The MD Admissions Committee reserves the right to determine which courses fulfill program requirements.

Early Decision Program

The Early Decision Program is exclusive to applicants who wish to make a commitment to IU School of Medicine. The program offers medical school applicants the opportunity to secure early acceptance by October 1. Applicants not accepted during the Early Decision Program process are placed in the regular applicant pool and may apply to other medical schools after October 1.

Program Details

Explore the benefits and requirements of the Early Decision Program.