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Campus Selection

A distinguishing feature of IU School of Medicine is the statewide campus system that allows students to benefit from different learning environments—each with distinct advantages—while progressing through the school’s MD medical education curriculum.

After acceptance into the IU School of Medicine MD program, all applicants must log into the Applicant Portal and rank their campus preference (numerically 1-9). While all campuses provide a comparable high-quality and collaborative medical education, each location offers unique characteristics that are important to some students. Each applicant should take some time to carefully explore the unique aspects of each IU School of Medicine campus to determine what the best learning environment may be for him or her.

Explore the Campuses

Take time to explore the learning environment, community and specialty focuses areas of each IU School of Medicine campuses.

Statewide Campuses

Campus Placement

Campus assignments are determined by computerized lottery based on applicant rankings and campus capacity. Assignment notifications begin in late April. Assignments are not guaranteed until a confirmation email has been sent from the MD Admissions Office.

Students may spend all four years at their assigned campus or transfer to Indianapolis for clinical clerkships and electives in the third and fourth years of training. All students assigned to Indianapolis are required to take clerkships outside of Indianapolis.

Campus Placement FAQ

  • As an applicant, can I select which campus I want to attend?

    Accepted students receive an email asking them to rank their campus preferences, 1-9. After preferences are received, a lottery for placement takes place, and applicants are notified of their assignment beginning in late April.

  • Do students attend all four years at the same campus?

    Students can remain at any campus for all four years of medical school (based upon space availability). After completion of the second year at the matriculated campus, students may opt to remain at that campus or request a change of campus for the third and fourth years. Note: All students, regardless of initial campus assignment, who elect to complete their third year at the Indianapolis campus, are required to take some clerkships outside Indianapolis.

Request a Campus Tour

Prospective MD students may request to schedule a tour at IU School of Medicine–Indianapolis by emailing the Admissions Ambassadors program. To schedule a tour at another IU School of Medicine campuses, students can contact the site directly.

Request a Tour