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Three faculty members standing next to one another reviewing brain scans on screens.

Department of Psychiatry

Pioneering new approaches to neuroscience discovery

The Department of Psychiatry at Indiana University School of Medicine is committed to understanding the symptoms and neurobiological basis of mental illness and advancing psychiatric treatments through extensive involvement in basic and clinical research and patient care. The department is also involved with educating and training future leaders of psychiatry and behavioral science.


The department offers a wide range of educational programs for various levels of learners including medical students, psychiatry residents and postdoctoral fellows.
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State-of-the-art technologies, including advanced brain imaging, genetic microarrays, stem cell preparations and animal knock out models, are used by the Department of Psychiatry to uncover the mechanisms of brain and behavioral disorders and introduce new treatments.
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Clinical Care

The faculty specializes in psychiatric treatment of adults, children and adolescents and provide care in both in-patient and outpatient settings across the Indianapolis region.
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Faculty Spotlight

The Department of Psychiatry recognizes the exemplary expertise of our distinguished faculty:


New Faculty Spotlight

Susan Sangha, PhD, joined the Department of Psychiatry in January 2002. As one of the most recent faculty additions, Dr. Sangha has made an immediate impact with her research to identify neurobiological mechanisms underlying circuits related to how individuals learn to discriminate among environmental cues that signal situations of safety, fear or reward. An inability to properly differentiate these cues is linked to a variety of psychiatric disorders. Dr. Sangha has developed a behavioral paradigm in rodents and also collaborates with clinical neuroscientists to adapt her research to the patient population.

We look forward to her future contributions and discoveries!

61207-Sangha, Susan

Susan Sangha, PhD

Associate Professor Of Psychiatry

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48 Residents in 7 training locations
11 Fellows in 4 Fellowship Programs
12 Post-Doctoral Students in 6 Subspecialties