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Suburban Indianapolis Outpatient Clinics


Consultation Liaison Suburban Hospitals

The IU School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry, in partnership with IU Health, offers hospital-based psychiatric consultation-liaison services to the Indianapolis suburban region, which includes IU Health North Hospital and IU Health West Hospital. Providers offer psychiatric consultation including: acute psychiatric assessment and diagnosis, medical recommendations for work-up and treatment, acute therapeutic and supportive interventions, as well as navigation of community resources, services, and aftercare. They also coordinate care with other medical specialties and allied professionals in an effort to provide comprehensive multidisciplinary care. This coordination and support also extends to specialty outpatient areas such as women’s health and peripartum care.


Michael Metrick, MD

Sara Culleton, MD

Anneliese Leinenbach, NP

Jerrlyn Jones, NP

Ashlyn Keltner, MSW



The five suburban behavioral health clinics are well-spaced around Indianapolis and its surrounding suburbs. These clinics provide general psychiatric evaluation, medication management and psychotherapy to adults, teens and children. Some providers see patients in multiple locations.


IUHP Behavioral Health

East 9670 E. Washington St., Indianapolis


John Delaney, MD

Kim McGillicuddy, PMHNP-BC

Abbey Bolden, PMHNP-BC

Sarah Thomason, LCSW

Cheryl Chataignier, LCSW

IUHP Behavioral Health Saxony

13100 E. 136th St., Fishers


Josh Creasy, PMHNP-PC

Steve Woock LCSW

Sarah Longe LCSW

IUHP Behavioral Health South

8820 S. Meridian St., Indianapolis


Anu Ade Owofadeju, PMHNP-BC

Kirstin Lawson, PMHNP-BC

Christine Turo-Shields, LCSW

Charles Warfield, LCSW

IUHP Behavioral Health North

11725 N Illinois St., Carmel


Sunil Patel, DO

Brittany Szucs, LCSW

IUHP Behavioral Health West/Eagle Highlands

6820 Parkdale Place, Indianapolis


John Delaney, MD

Sunil Patel, DO 

Edlyn Jones, PhD

Josh Creasy, PMHNP-BC

Michael Maksimovich, LCSW

Brittany Szucs, LCSW

Laura Linville, LCSW