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Clinical Care

Psychiatry is a medical specialty focused on brain disorders that cause emotional and behavioral problems. Faculty in the Indiana University School of Medicine psychiatry department include psychiatrists and psychologists. Psychiatrists are medical doctors (MD or DO degrees) who diagnose psychiatric disorders and treat these conditions with medications and psychotherapy. Psychologists have doctoral degrees in psychology (PhD or PsyD degrees); psychologists perform psychological testing, diagnose psychiatric disorders and provide psychotherapy.

IU School of Medicine faculty may specialize in psychiatric care of adults or of children and adolescents and provide care in inpatient or outpatient settings. Faculty members also provide integrated care within primary care clinics, working closely with internal medicine and pediatrics departments of IU School of Medicine and IU Health.

In the last few decades, psychiatric care has become increasingly complex and specialized. Research has focused on developing treatments that are shown to be effective in clinical studies, known as evidence-based care. As psychiatry has grown more complex, many IU School of Medicine psychiatry faculty members have subspecialized, focusing on providing such state-of-the-art, evidence-based care for a particular psychiatric disorder or group of disorders. This allows patients to work with psychiatric teams with the most experience in treating specific disorders with medication, psychotherapy or specialty procedures.

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To schedule an appointment with IU School of Medicine psychiatrist, contact Indiana University Health at 888-484-3258 or online using the Find a Doctor portal.

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Psychiatry Subspecialty Programs

  • Child Clinic
    Faculty, residents and fellows provide a wide-range of diagnosis for children and adolescents, including adolescent dual diagnosis (mental health and substance abuse disorders), clinic ADHD, and disruptive behavior disorders.
  • Adult Clinic
    The Adult Clinic offers diagnosis and treatment for mood disorders, and psychogenic and conversion disorders.
  • Hospital and Acute Care Services
    At Riley Hospital for Children, faculty, residents and fellows provide child and adolescent inpatient treatment, consultation-liaison pediatric services, and short-term psychiatry care and stabilization through a unique Bridge Clinic.
  • Psychological Testing
    Adult neurophychological, medico-legal and forensic psychology testing as well as pediatric psychological testing is provided by Psychiatry department faculty.
Psychiatry Clinical Teaching Facilities

Clinical Teaching Facilities

Medical students, residents, fellows and postdocs training in the Department of Psychiatry benefit from IU School of Medicine’s strong partnerships with area hospitals. Clinical opportunities are available at a modern VA medical center, Riley Hospital for Children, and Eskenazi Health, a large county teaching hospital.

Clinical Training in Indianapolis