Committed to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice

At Indiana University School of Medicine, the commitment to diversity includes race, ethnicity, gender and gender identity, religion, socio-economic status, age, geography of origin and residence, sexual orientation, disability, work style, intellectual diversity and other aspects of human attributes and behaviors. The school offers focused, systematic and sustained programs that are aligned with the three foundational pillars: representational diversity, inclusive working and learning environment, and cultural competence.

A person with dark curly hair is pictured from the back. She's wearing a shirt that reads "Diversity is vital"
Group of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Coalition members

Representational Diversity

IU School of Medicine recruits talented trainees, faculty and staff from various backgrounds with focused efforts toward identified diversity categories.

Inclusive Environment

IU School of Medicine is dedicated to creating an environment that fosters inclusion throughout the organization.

Health Equity in Pediatrics

Cultural Competence

Culturally competent, patient-centered care is the foundation of providing excellent health care, eliminating health disparities and contributing to innovative breakthroughs in science.

Schoolwide Advocacy and Support

Advancing culturally competent education, clinical care and research is a priority. Developing a culture in which all individuals within the medical school community at all nine campuses feel included, valued and respected is crucial. IU School of Medicine is committed to establishing an organizational culture in which differences — including race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation and other physical abilities and qualities — are present and highly valued. That is a culture in which all people are inspired to fully participate.

Upcoming Events

IU School of Medicine hosts a variety of unique events year-round to engage faculty, staff and learners in conversations around diversity, equity and inclusion. 


Programs encourage continued learning and are designed to support an environment of inclusion.


The Center for Inclusive Excellence partners with organizations and experts across Indiana University and the broader community.


DEIJ-focused committees make valuable contributions to the culture of the IU School of Medicine.

Mistreatment Reporting

IU School of Medicine strives to provide a positive, inclusive environment that is conducive to teaching and learning. The school embodies the core values of excellence, respect, integrity, diversity and cooperation. Learners or faculty who believe they’ve experienced or witnessed mistreatment are strongly encouraged to report it through the Mistreatment Incident Report Form.

Using Diverse Images

IU School of Medicine strives to use images of diverse faculty, learners and staff to demonstrate the overall goal of diversity at the school. The use of diverse images is not a claim of the current diverse makeup of the faculty, learners and staff, and instead represents the value of the diversity IU School of Medicine strives to uphold.

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