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Student National Medical Association

The Student National Medical Association (SNMA) works to increase the number of physicians who serve marginalized and indigent communities. The SNMA was originally founded in 1964 nationally with this purpose. Accordingly, the SNMA develops programs for implementation of urban and rural health care by encouraging individuals who are underrepresented in medicine to enter and succeed in the health professions. The chapter at Indiana University School of Medicine is dedicated to the recruitment, success, and retention of medical students from minoritized backgrounds, the success of pre-medical students, and the contribution made to the surrounding community through the utilization of members’ skills and training.

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Cameron Edwards


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Lauren Turner

Co-Vice President

13365-Simons, Clark

Clark J. Simons, MD

Faculty Advisor

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Josephine Pyles

Co-Vice President

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Sabria Abufares

Co-Vice President

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