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Event Funding

Timeline to Requesting Funding

How much notice?
Two weeks ➡ Anything you are approved to buy and be reimbursed for 
Four weeks ➡

Shipped items require more time. Extra notice allows MSE time to find substitutions for items that become unavailable or for shipping delays.

Pizza, bagels, sandwiches, groceries, etc. that MSE is purchasing on your behalf.

The event involves a contract/agreement from a supplier.

The activity requires a waiver.

Any supplier being paid with a purchase order.

Minimum of six weeks ➡

A business that is not an IU supplier (onboarding can take two weeks).

An event requiring multiple suppliers (venue rental, ticket purchase, food, supplies).

Any activity involving the rental or use of canoes, boats, kayaks or anything perceived as a high risk by the university.


Event funding policies and best practices

  • Student reimbursement is allowed and preferred for approved funding requests under $500.
  • Events with 50+ attendees are required to submit an approved University Event Registration Committee with the funding request
  • Plan with ALL guidelines and IU policies in mind.
  • Per IU policy, we cannot purchase gift cards or vouchers.
  • We cannot host raffles or other “gambling”-like events. Learn more about contests, drawings, games and prizes.
  • SIGs are capped at $500 of MSC funding per calendar year.
  • Food suppliers that change their menu should be avoided.
  • Suppliers can and will change prices at any time.
  • High risk activities will likely require the business be an IU Supplier.
  • Many events require a waiver. Request a Waiver
  • Supplies – Request early, especially around high demand times such as holidays (especially for holiday themed items).
  • If you have a safe and secure delivery location, we can ship directly to you, otherwise your delivery will go to Long Hall.
  • We are no longer ordering perishable items for delivery due to supply and delivery issues. Grocery items are pick up or student reimbursement only.
  • If we are ordering tickets, you will need to arrange for pick up/distribution from the supplier.
  • Do not forget to add tax, tips, and delivery fees into your total dollar funding request.
  • General guidelines for tipping: 10% for pick up orders, 15% for delivery and 20% for full-service meals.

Preparing to Request Funding for an Event

TIME – Check the timeline to ensure you have met funding request notice requirements.

WHO – Participant count confirmed

WHAT– All needs identified (food, supplies, tickets, etc.…)

WHEN – Date secured (back-up dates are a good idea!)

WHERE– Location/s selected. For venue rental, make sure you ask if ANYTHING requires a signature. You will need a copy of that contract/document PRIOR to asking for funding.

Submitting the Funding Request

Gather documents as applicable for a complete request:

  • Attendee list if event is 50+ attendees.
  • Approved UERC if event is over 50 people (Avg request takes up to 10 days so plan to submit for UERC approval at least 10 days prior to the date you want to submitthe funding request form.)
  • Contracts or Agreements (Anything requiring a signature)
  • Quote will all details from a business (food, activity, # of attendees etc)
  • Screenshot (pdf) of an order with tax, tip and delivery fees included (appropriate for fast food –online food ordering)
  • Shopping List with active links, w/tax, delivery and total. (Amazon, Target, Kroger type orders) 
  • Submit your event on MD Student News to ensure all IU School of Medicine students have the opportunity to attend.

Funding Resources