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Medical Student Council

The Medical Student Council (MSC) is a medical student leadership group that governs the student body. It includes an executive branch, senate, and house. Working alongside the Service Learning Coalition and Wellness Coalition, Medical Student Council oversees many efforts related to student leadership. These include


To serve as a collective voice of IU School of Medicine’s medical student body

  • Inspire innovation
  • Provide a forum for ideas
  • Promote student happiness
  • Advocate student interest
  • Empower students to become the best physicians they can be
  • Build upon the positive attributes found within the IU School of Medicine community

To serve as advocates of the student body, community, and other related constituents and organizations

  • Maintain an open forum to hear and implement proposals for change
  • Utilize and connect students with Indiana University and community resources
  • Act as a means of checks and balances to ensure training of competent, well-rounded IU School of Medicine graduates
  • Bridge the communications gaps between students and those who make decisions that affect student educational experiences

To develop greater opportunities for student connection with faculty, staff, alumni, community organizations and IU School of Medicine as a whole

  • Focus on developing interpersonal communication skills
  • Foster stewardship and accountability
  • Exemplify positive attitudes and behaviors
  • Strive toward the fair allocation and efficient management of resources
  • Strengthen alumni relations
  • Become invested alumni

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The Medical Student Council is here to serve and advocate for all MD students. We welcome your questions and concerns.

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