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MD Education Team

The MD education team includes student affairs, curricular affairs and student support professionals across the state who support medical students at every step of their journey.

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Student Affairs
Mentoring and Advising Program
Academic Records/Registrar
Curricular Affairs
Educational Technology
Medical Student Education Operations
Competency Directors

Graduate Credentialing

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Student Affairs

brad allen portrait

Bradley L. Allen, MD, PhD

Senior Associate Dean for Medical Student Education
D. Craig Brater Scholar in Professionalism


My position as Senior Associate Dean for MSE is to help develop and blend our statewide curriculum efforts with our statewide student support resources to best serve our students. I have the enviable role of building on the rich resources of our nine campuses to improve programs to support our students in all facets of their learning while also supporting the leaders and teaching faculty that deliver our curriculum. I work closely with all the regional campus deans, the various curricular phase leaders and our wonderful student affairs team statewide that constitutes our advising, career mentoring and wellness initiatives.

My goal to create an exciting and challenging curriculum to take all students’ skills to the highest level while attending to their wellness and coping skills to handle the rigors of medical school, residency and careers in medicine. I want all students to be confident, professional providers who enjoy this sacred profession and make the lives of their patients and communities better.

emily portrait

Emily C. Walvoord, MD

Associate Dean for Student Affairs


I am incredibly lucky to lead the highly dedicated and highly capable medical student affairs team. Our goal is to support students both personally and professionally and to make sure that they all graduate highly prepared to continue their training in the specialty of their choice.

Read Bio Emily C. Walvoord, MD

abigail klemsz portrait

Abigail F. Klemsz, MD, PhD

Assistant Dean, Mentoring and Advising


I work with the lead advisors statewide to provide individualized support for our students from matriculation through graduation.

Read Bio Abigail F. Klemsz, MD, PhD

deb rusk portrait

Debra S. Rusk, MD

Assistant Dean, Career and Professional Development


The Career Development Office assists students all along the path of deciding what area of medicine to pursue as a career. From early career exploration, to residency applications and interviews, and finally the Match! We are here to help!

Read Bio Debra S. Rusk, MD

althea portrait

Althea Kaminske, PhD

Senior Director of Academic Support and Achievement


As senior director of academic support and achievement, Althea Kaminske, PhD (she/her) develops and oversees effective evidence-based practices in student support programs.

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chelsy portrait

Chelsy Hicks

Administrative Support Coordinator

niki portrait

Niki Messmore, MS

Director for Medical Service Learning


jasmine portrait

Jasmine Johnson, MD

Director of Holistic Student Success and Advocacy


Director of the Leadership and Academic Development Scholars (LEADS) Program. I organize programs focused on academic skill building, structured mentorship, and longterm support to address intrinsic barriers to success faced by students from underrepresented backgrounds.

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perry portrait

Perry Monnin, BA

Learning Strategist


anthony  portrait

Anthony Shanks, MD, MS

Director of Career Mentoring


As Director of Career Mentoring, I work closely with students to help them match into their preferred specialty. Along with the MSA team and Lead Advisors, we identify student's passions and help them navigate the complicated path of residency applications. We take great pride and delight our student's success.

Read Bio Anthony Shanks, MD, MS

corinna portrait

Corinna Yu, MD, MBA, FASA

Director of Student Development


My job is to support students in personal and professional development through professional learning communities. These communities are designed to connect students to peers, near-peers, and faculty, provide tools to support personal and professional development, and grow in their professional identity formation as future physicians

Read Bio Corinna Yu, MD, MBA, FASA

erin portrait

Erin Dafoe, MSEd

Associate Director of Student Affairs

A headshot of Kelley Folkening

Kelley Folkening

Program Manager for Professional Learning Communities


I provide support for the Professional Learning Communities program, which strives to help medical school students flourish in their personal and professional lives.

diana portrait

Diana Simmerman

Senior Administrative Assistant


I am the Senior Administrative Assistant to Dr. Emily C. Walvoord and Dr. Althea N. Kaminske. I help them manage their calendars and schedule meetings for them. I also assist any student who comes into the Student Affairs Office with questions.

A portrait of Amelia Martin

Amelia Martin

PT Administrative Assistant of Service Learning


I am the assistant of Niki Messmore. I assist with grants, the AmeriCorps program, and Service-Learning funded events.

Mentoring and Advising Program

kristina portrait

Kristina Borger, MA

Lead Advisor, South Bend


I am fortunate to advise, coach and support students both personally and professionally as they work toward success in medical school and beyond.

A headshot of Kimberli Clarke

Kimberli Clarke

Lead Advisor

rachel portrait

Rachel Dirig

Lead Advisor, Fort Wayne

olivia portrait

Olivia Fellows, MA

Lead Advisor, Muncie


Provide student support and advising for students who are currently and/or started at the Muncie campus.

keri portrait

Keri Good

Lead Advisor, West Lafayette

A headshot of Rolan Graham

Roland Graham

Lead Advisor, Indianapolis

kristen portrait

Kristen Heath, MS

Lead Advisor, Indianapolis


jamie portrait

Jamie Henderlong

Lead Advisor, Evansville


Lead advisors are the ultimate student advocates. I can meet with students who are struggling in just about any aspect, give advice and support, and connect them with the plethora of IU resources.

ashley portrait

Ashley Holt, MS

Lead Advisor, Terre Haute


mark portrait

Mark Mach, MA, MEd

Lead Advisor, Bloomington


stephanie portrait

Stephanie Sachs, MAAS

Lead Advisor, Indianapolis

alison portrait

Alison Zovko, MS

Lead Advisor, Northwest-Gary


I help students build strengths and conquer challenges so that they can succeed in medical school. I also help develop strategies to enhance student advising.

Academic Records/Registrar

marti portrait

Marti Reeser, EdD

Associate Dean, Academic Records and Promotion


I provide leadership to the Academic Records/Registrar team and serve as the main faculty liaison who coordinates the Student Promotions Committee. I also serve as Associate Dean for Health Professions and Pre-Doctoral Programs.

Read Bio Marti Reeser, EdD

tracey portrait

Tracey Edwards

Student Records Specialist


A headshot of Erika Graham

Erika Graham

Assistant Registrar

john portrait

John Keller

Assistant Registrar


kim portrait

Kim Sandrick

Associate Registrar


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Amanda Ybarra, MA



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Beth Tidball, MBA

Disability Accommodations and Accessibility Resource Team Director

Curricular Affairs

paul portrait

Paul Ko, MD

Associate Dean for Curriculum

Read Bio Paul Ko, MD

jessica portrait

Jessica Byram, PhD

Assistant Director, Phase 1


Read Bio Jessica Byram, PhD

charles portrait

Charles N. Rudick, PhD

Assistant Dean for Medical Student Education, Phase 1 Curriculum

Read Bio Charles N. Rudick, PhD

megan portrait

Megan A. Christman, DO

Assistant Dean for Medical Student Education, Phase 3 Curriculum

Read Bio Megan A. Christman, DO

A headshot of Amanda Benaderet

Amanda Benaderet, MD, MPH, FAAP

Assistant Dean for Curriculum, Phase 2

criag  portrait

Alecia Craig, MBA

Advanced Clinical Program Coordinator Phase 2/3


Liaison between the PRIME Grant and Medical Student Education to coordinate clinical availability and placement for students in clinical settings that allow training with front-line providers. Along with, coordinating Phase 2 and Phase 3 course operations for medical students curriculum, and serves as a resource for Statewide Clerkship Directors, learning course management, coordinating clinical activities, analyzing student assessment data--while communicating and providing assistance throughout all campuses.

brigid portrait

Brigid Clarke

Administrative Support Coordinator


A headshot of Claire Crouse

Claire Crouse, MEd

Foundational Curriculum Specialist


I work with the Phase 1 deans, directors and coordinators to manage and evaluate the Phase 1 curriculum. In addition to my CQI responsibilities, I support the LCME accreditation process for Phase 1.

stephanie portrait

Stephanie Freed, MS

Curriculum Specialist, Phase 3


I work in partnership with the Phase 2/3 deans, directors and stakeholders to provide oversight for Phases 2 and 3 and to evaluate the curriculum, the curricular program and manage curriculum-related projects. I develop processes and oversee their adherence in support of curriculum management and accreditation and assist with data collection and synthesis for accreditation reporting. I also compile, map and manage curriculum data using a variety of systems and create data visualizations to inform curriculum development and oversight.

treva portrait

Treva Nally

Administrative Support Coordinator


I work with electives. I also verify faculty appointments. I am a Phase 1 admin specialist, supporting Charles Rudick, PhD and Jessica Byram, PhD.

neelum portrait

Neelum Safdar, MT, MEd

Curriculum Specialist, Phase 2


I work with the Phase 2 Assistant Dean for Curriculum in the Clinical Sciences to manage clinical curricular programs and activities, including work to develop, implement, evaluate and maintain the statewide clinical medical school curriculum at all IU School of Medicine campuses. I also work with clerkship teams to collate curriculum data to upload to the AAMC to assist initiatives in research regarding medical school curriculum. In addition, I act as a project manager for various curriculum evaluation and revision initiatives and serve in curriculum committees.


windi portrait

Windi Hornsby

Clinical Assessment Program Manager


I assisting in the development of and oversee the implementation and quality of the Statewide OSCE program for FCP 1 & 2, as well as well as the CPX exam, taken at the end of Phase 2.

marnita portrait

Marnita Louzon

Administrative Support Coordinator


I support the Clinical Skills Assessment Team, primarily assisting with logistics for Simulated Patient (SP) events, including OSCEs (Objective Structured Clinical Exams), for first- and second-year students and the Clinical Performance Exam (CPX) for students completing their third year. I enjoy the detail and variety of work that is required to plan and implement these events and value the partnership that we have with the staff at the Simulation Center, Fairbanks Hall. We work together, along with faculty, to ensure that our students have meaningful, successful events.


A headshot of Liza Sumpter

Liza Sumpter, MPA

PRIME Grant Program Manager


I manage the HRSA funded PRIME Grant (Primary Care Reaffirmation for Indiana Medical Education). The aim of this grant help the IU School of Medicine educate medical students to better care for underserved populations. This grant will develop curriculum focused on social determinants of health, primary care skills and health systems science.

Faculty Profile Picture Placeholder IUSM Logo

Josih Hostetler, MSW, LSW

INPACT Project Management Specialist/Recruiter

Educational Technology

A headshot of Connor Maddern

Connor Maddern

Business Systems Analyst


As Business Systems Analyst, I manage projects and forms within MSE. I pull requested information and connect people to ensure projects are completed.

laurie portrait

Laurie Cline

Statewide Course Manager


I manage and lead six statewide course coordinators while ensuring all course deliveries are within LCME requirements.

banta portrait

Alison Banta

MedHub Technology Specialist


I work primarily with MedHub and assist students, faculty and staff in navigating the system. I resolve any immediate concerns for our users and work with MedHub to continuously improve functionality to meet the needs of the school.

A headshot of Javier Barrera

Javier Barrera

Instructional Technology Consultant


erich portrait

Erich Bauer

Instructional Technology Consultant


I assist faculty and staff with learning, creating and implementing educational technology.

katherine portrait

Katherine Chartier, PhD

Instructional Design Consultant, PRIME Grant

317 274-8324

As an instructional design consultant for the PRIME grant, I lead curricular innovation by consulting with faculty to enhance instructional and assessment strategies in alignment with our mission and institutional learning objectives.

lyndsey portrait

Lyndsey Cobb

Statewide Course Coordinator, Phase 1

Course Assignments: Cardiovascular and Hematology; Molecules to Cells and Tissues; Endocrine, Reproductive, Musculoskeletal and Dermatologic


I collaborate with course management teams to organize learning materials onto various platforms with the goal of providing a great learning experience for Phase 1 students.

sharon portrait

Sharon Kasem

Statewide Course Coordinator, Phase 1

Course Assignments: Human Structure, Fundamentals of Health and Disease, Neuroscience and Behavior


I manage educational technology resources for three first-year courses.

a headshot of Marlita Kelly

Marlita Kelly

Statewide Course Coordinator, Phase 1

Course Assignments: Foundations of Clinical Practice 2, Health Systems Science 2, Transitions 2


I am responsible for implementing and communicating the directives from the FCP2, HSS2, and T2 course management teams to the regional campus staff, as well as for creating and managing the course Canvas site. I also manage the logistics of the Indianapolis campus clinical activities — small groups, meeting locations, longitudinal preceptor visits and individual student schedules.

mekayla portrait

MeKayla Nicholson

Statewide Course Coordinator, Phases 2/3

Course Assignments: STEPS, Critical Care Selectives, Transitions 3


A portrait of Liz Pitner

Liz Pitner

Statewide Course Coordinator, Phase 1

Course Assignments: Host Defense, Renal and Respiratory, Gastrointestinal System and Nutrition


dionna portrait

Dionna Weatherly, MBA

Statewide Course Coordinator, Phase 1

Course Assignments: Transitions 1, Foundations of Clinical Practice 1, Health Systems Science 1


A headshot of Dandy Jammula

Dandy Jammula

Part-time Education Technology Assistant

A headshot of Mehul Thawre

Mehul Thwre

Part-time Education Technology Assistant

Medical Student Education Operations

kathy portrait

Kathy Young

Director, Operations


A headshot of Stephanie Bohlsen

Stephanie Bohlsen, MBA

Senior Administrative Assistant


tammy portrait

Tammy Dixon

Operations Manager

kathy portrait

Kathy Lee

Program Manager


My role focuses on managing the Curriculum Council committees for the school, including managing the educational policies. I keep information flowing through the curriculum committees and the most current version of policies online.

sally portrait

Sally Hoyda

Operations Program Manager Assistant


Support Kathy Young and Tammy Dixon in all aspects of operations.

julia portrait

Julia Payton

Office Manager


cathi portrait

Cathi Wineland

Special Events Manager


As the Special Events Manager, I plan and execute the milestone events for medical students include Orientation, White Coat Ceremony, Match Day, and the Graduate Recognition Ceremony along with other meetings, conferences and events.

linda portrait

Linda Chavis, PhD

Administrative Assistant

Faculty Profile Picture Placeholder IUSM Logo

Courtney Henderson

Compliance Program Manager


A headshot of Trace Leapley

Trace Leapley

Multimedia Specialist


As MSE's resident videographer and graphic designer, I am responsible for creating digital content for our social media pages, student newsletters, website and more. I also collaborate with the Ed Tech team to keep content on our student and teaching portals up to date.

penny portrait

Penny Lindquist

Administrative Support Coordinator, Committees


My main role is to provide administrative support to the Curriculum Governance Committees in their role of evaluating and improving curriculum as we approach the upcoming LCME accreditation cycle. This involves scheduling committee meetings, updating the curriculum teams site, ensuring the current data is reviewed in a timely matter, supporting related task forces, and committees, and collecting data that will be provided the accreditation team. I also provide admin support for ASC and AOC student appeal processes/committees.

joel portrait

Joel Smith

Curriculum Data Coordinator


I assist new employees with setting up their department issued devices. I also purchase peripheral laptop equipment for the department. As one of the Smartsheet experts on the team you will find me assisting on many Smartsheet based projects. I help collect and organize submissions for the student newsletter. I can often be found with my hands in many projects.

a headshot of Nick Mclain

Nick McLain, MPA

Communications Specialist


I'm a storyteller with a passion for creating thoughtful, compelling communications. I lead the communications strategies, content, and student communication ambassador program for MSE. You can find me working on MD Student News, communication plans for events and surveys, and telling the stories of IU School of Medicine's future healers.

Competency Directors

2787-Bauer, Margaret

Margaret E. Bauer, PhD

Medical Knowledge


Read Bio Margaret E. Bauer, PhD

4807-Westmoreland, Glenda

Glenda R. Westmoreland, MD, MPH

Patient Care (Interim)
Interpersonal Skills and Communication
Professionalism (Interim)


Read Bio Glenda R. Westmoreland, MD, MPH

4937-Dynlacht, Joseph

Joseph R. Dynlacht, PhD

Practice-Based Learning and Improvement
Professionalism (Interim)
Systems-based Practice (Interim)


Read Bio Joseph R. Dynlacht, PhD

5339-Thomas, Allyson

Allyson L. Thomas, MD

Health Equity, Advocacy and Leadership (HEAL)


Read Bio Allyson L. Thomas, MD