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Student Interest Groups

Student Interest Groups (SIGs) are registered organizations that are founded and led by students at Indiana University School of Medicine. Students may develop and found a student interest group based on any theme of interest to members of the medical student population.

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Statewide SIGs

Bloomington — AMA, IMSIG
Evansville — AMA, AMWA, EMSIG, Careers in Medicine SIG
Fort Wayne — AMA, Peds, EMSIG, Surgery
Muncie — AMA, AMWA
Northwest-Gary — AMA, SNMA, AMWA, HEAL
South Bend — AMWA, Minorities in Medicine SIG, Navarri SOC
Terre Haute — AMA, FMSIG, NeuroSIG, TH-SOC
West Lafayette — AMA, EMSIG, IMSIG

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Cardiology SIG

The Cardiology SIG’s purpose is to educate the student body about the subspecialty of cardiology. The focus of this group is to promote interest in cardiology, educate it’s members about the residency and fellowship process and requirements, and provide opportunities to shadow and volunteer in events related to cardiology. Furthermore, the members of this group will be able to interact and make connections with current cardiology physicians and be provided with research opportunities.

Medical Specialty SIGs
Cardiothoracic Surgery SIG

Medical Specialty SIGs
Catholic Medical Association

Special Topics SIGs
Christian Medical and Dental Association (CMDA)

CMDA SIG is part of an international organization for Christian health professionals called the Christian Medical and Dental Associations (CMDA). The Indianapolis student chapter at the IU School of Medicine provides a Christian perspective and fellowship on our campus through lunch talks, Bible studies, retreats, social activities and service projects. Everyone is welcome to attend meetings and activities regardless of your beliefs.

National Medical Association SIGs
Crispus Attucks SIG

Our organization has developed a relationship with Crispus Attucks High School to address a variety of needs. By teaching additional medical content relevant to their coursework, we aim to supplement their existing lesson plans with resources that a typical high school class may not have access to, such as hands-on activities and medicine-focused demonstrations. This also provides a great opportunity for medical students in the SIG to practice science communication to an audience outside of their peers and practicing physicians. Additionally, CASIG aims to support Crispus Attucks students through mentoring on pursuing higher education and how to get past the roadblocks they may experience if they choose to do so. Altogether, our overarching goal is to increase health-literacy in Indiana and do our best to inspire the next generation of healthcare workers and scientists in the process.

Special Topics SIGs
Dermatology SIG

The mission of the Dermatology SIG is to provide a forum for communication and accurate information exchange between students, residents and program directors on topics pertinent to a career in dermatology; to provide a network for collaboration on projects and service activities among dermatology interest groups nationwide; to form productive relationships with our colleagues across all specialty interests, increasing their participation in early detection of critical dermatologic conditions; and to provide a support group for students considering a career in dermatology.

Medical Specialty SIGs
Disability Advocacy in Medicine SIG

This SIG will focus on educating the IU School of Medicine community, including students, faculty, and in curriculum, regarding disability issues, coordinating with other groups and institutions to develop resources and educational opportunities, and providing a safe space for students with disabilities to self-advocate and discuss.

Special Topics SIGs
Healthcare Advocacy SIG

Special Topics SIG
Emergency Medicine SIG

Medical Specialty SIGs
History of Medicine SIG

Special Topics SIGs
Endocrinology SIG

The purpose of this organization is to provide academic exploration into endocrinology-related topics, facilitate leadership, and promote community service. Students will have the opportunity to pursue their interest in endocrinology through mentorship with faculty and fellows, lectures, and community service events. Students interested in research will be connected with clinical researchers on at IU School of Medicine.

Medical Specialty SIGs
Infectious Disease SIG

The purpose of this organization is to provide students valuable insights into what infectious disease (ID) practitioners encounter at both a local and global level: researching and managing microbial diseases, combatting clinical outbreaks and epidemics, improving patient safety and outcomes, applying new therapeutics/technologies in a world of evolving infectious pathogens, and various other aspects of the field. The IDSIG will also work to provide useful information and mentorship for students who are pursuing a career in ID, as well as create student volunteer opportunities within the community.

Medical Specialty SIGs
Ethics at Lunch SIG

Special Topics SIGs
Internal Medicine/Pediatrics SIG

The Med/Peds SIG has within in its purpose several aims. First is to educate students about the specialty and its unique career options. Second is to provide opportunities for students to network with current residents and faculty in the field to build strong professional relationships and guide them in their future goals. Third is to foster the professional and personal growth of individuals interested in the fields of internal medicine and pediatrics.

Medical Specialty SIGs
Euchre SIG

Euchre SIG is a chance for medical students to take a break from studying and play Indiana’s favorite card game.

Special Topics SIGs
Interventional Radiology SIG

Medical Specialty SIGs
Family Medicine SIG

The purpose of this organization is to provide students with opportunities to explore the specialty of family medicine through interactions with community physicians and residency programs, and to further family medicine education through clinical experiences via procedural workshops and service activities.

Medical Specialty SIGs
Jewish Medical Student Association

Special Topics SIGs
Lifestyle Medicine SIG

Special Topics SIGs
Gastroenterology SIG

Medical Specialty SIGs