Student Support

A range of services to meet diverse learner needs

Medical Student Support

At IU School of Medicine, students pursuing a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree progress through a demanding medical education curriculum that includes clinical training in tertiary care centers, community hospitals, ambulatory care settings, student-outreach clinics and physician offices. Many also take advantage of opportunities to participate in medical research and participate in campus and community programs.

To assist in student success in these opportunities, IU School of Medicine provides a wide range of student support services to ensure that students can access recreational facilities, personal counseling, health care, peer support groups and other critical resources to balance the intensity of medical training. The school also provides students with personalized mentoring and advising support as well as disability accommodations, financial support, advocacy and complaint handling, exam preparation and mock interviews to ensure their academic progress stays on track.

Peer Support

While the School of Medicine provides student support services, students themselves offer their peers a tremendous amount of support as well. Through Medical Student Council, the Student Life blog, and other resources, the community of IU School of Medicine students delivers meaningful peer support to each other.

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Support for Medical Students

Students and leaders at IU School of Medicine share how the school offers resources and support to learners throughout their medical education.

Academic Advising

The academic advising program at IU School of Medicine aims to provide academic support, career development, and provides access to personal wellness resources.

Financial Aid

The Office of Student Financial Services helps students determine financial aid eligibility, identify resources to meet the Cost of Attendance and even help with applications for aid.

Health and Wellness

Resources for confidential personal consultation and treatment are available for medical students on every campus.

Disability Accommodations

Students requesting accommodations for a disability can apply to the Disabilities Accommodations Committee and access adaptive educational services locally at his/her host campus.

Learning Environment

The Ombuds Office provides a safe environment and impartial third-party for learners and faculty to address complaints related to conflicts, lapses in professionalism, allegations of mistreatment, and other problematic issues.

Medical Library

The Ruth Lilly Medical Library is the main library for all School of Medicine statewide campuses. Located in Indianapolis, materials from the library can be shipped directly, usually within 48 hours.