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Medical School Accreditation

IU School of Medicine’s reaccreditation process is now underway. In the United States, the accreditation status of programs leading to the MD degree is determined by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME). The LCME accreditation process evaluates whether medical schools meet nationally established standards.

The LCME accredits established medical schools on an eight year cycle, and IU School of Medicine was last recognized with full reaccreditation status in 2017 through 2024-2025. Our accreditation process involves a team comprised of faculty, administrators, staff and students who will self-evaluate the school's performance over the next two years as we prepare for the site visit from the LCME survey team expected in Spring 2025.

We are proud of IU School of Medicine's dedication to great education and the spirit exemplified in our community as we work toward reaccreditation in 2025.

Stairway to Accreditation

IU School of Medicine is preparing healers and transforming health. Hear from medical students and our medical education leadership as the school prepares for LCME reaccreditation.

What are the Standards of Reaccreditation?

To achieve and maintain accreditation, medical school programs in the U.S. must meet 12 overarching standards of educational quality. Meeting these standards demonstrates that a medical school’s graduates show professional competencies that are appropriate for entering the next stage of their training and that serve as the foundation for lifelong learning and proficient medical care.

The 12 LCME accreditation standards are published in the LCME’s Functions and Structure of a Medical School. Each standard contains exact expectations that should be met to achieve compliance. Each standard also has an accompanying set of elements that further specify the standard:

  • Standard 1: Mission, Planning, Organization, and Integrity
  • Standard 2: Leadership and Administration
  • Standard 3: Academic and Learning Environments
  • Standard 4: Faculty Preparation, Productivity, Participation, and Policies
  • Standard 5: Educational Resources and Infrastructure
  • Standard 6: Competencies, Curricular Objectives, and Curricular Design
  • Standard 7: Curricular Content
  • Standard 8: Curricular Management, Evaluation, and Enhancement
  • Standard 9: Teaching, Supervision, Assessment, and Student and Patient Safety
  • Standard 10: Medical Student Selection, Assignment, and Progress
  • Standard 11: Medical Student Academic Support, Career Advising, and Educational Records
  • Standard 12: Medical Student Health Services, Personal Counseling, and Financial Aid Services
News spotlight

MD Student News

School of Medicine Kicks Off Reaccreditation 2025

Reaccreditation is officially underway at IU School of Medicine and faculty and school officials celebrated the start of the significant effort at an event held May 15.

Glenda Shaw  |  May 22, 2023

What Does Accreditation Mean for IU?

Accreditation provides several benefits for both IU School of Medicine and its graduates, including:
  • Establishing eligibility for certain federal grants and programs
  • Meeting licensure requirements of medical school graduates
  • Meeting requirements for residency programs accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education

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Accreditation and Continuous Improvement Team 

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