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Next week marks a very important step in IU School of Medicine’s “Stairway to Accreditation.” As we prepare for the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) survey team to visit our campuses in March of 2025, now is a time for looking inward to see how well we are meeting our mission.

Students Asked, IU School of Medicine Delivered

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Next week marks a very important step in IU School of Medicine’s “Stairway to Accreditation.” As we prepare for the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) survey team to visit our campuses in March of 2025, now is a time for looking inward to see how well we are meeting our mission.

A crucial part of the LCME accreditation process is asking our students their opinions about the educational experience here at IU School of Medicine. What they think matters! Through an internal Independent Student Analysis (ISA) survey arriving in students’ inboxes next week, as well as the national Graduate Questionnaire (GQ) completed by our senior students, we learn exactly what we are doing right, and what areas still need work.

Since the last LCME accreditation in 2017, IU School of Medicine’s leadership, faculty, and administration have meticulously poured over student satisfaction data and have taken major steps to improve students’ educational experiences at every level and at every campus.

“Our statewide educational team is pleased with the performance of our recent graduates who have benefitted from the new curriculum that started in 2016,” said Bradley Allen, MD, PhD, senior associate dean of Medical Student Education. “We continue to look for opportunities to improve our curricular and student support services, however, based on our student and faculty feedback we continue to take a continuous quality improvement approach with our curriculum and creating an environment to support our students.”

Take a look at the improvements that have been already made and those still to come. The students asked, and we delivered:


You asked: Students wanted more opportunities to participate in research projects early in their academic careers in areas they have keen interest.

IUSM delivered: IU School of Medicine is among the top NIH-funded medical schools in the country. Starting in their first year of medical school all the way through graduation, our students engage in a variety of wide-ranging research projects alongside faculty researchers. Five years ago, 103 research opportunities were available to students. Today, the number tops 220—that’s a 114% increase! In addition, students can study and conduct scholarly work in one of our scholarly concentrations to enhance and customize their medical education.

Students: Find a research opportunity that interests you. Learn more about the Scholarly Concentrations Program.


You asked: Students desired a better foundation in biostatistics.

IUSM delivered: Substantial curriculum changes to the biostatistics content were introduced at the start of this school year with the creation of the Health Systems Science course. In the new course, students engage with health systems science topics, such as social determinants of health, health care policy and economics and health systems improvement, using discussions, journal clubs, guided reflections, and interprofessional education opportunities.

Access to Student Affairs and Career Advising

You asked: Students expressed unfamiliarity with the Office of Student Affairs leadership as well as the support services the office provides such as career advising.

IUSM delivered: The Office of Student Affairs aims to enhance and support students’ personal and professional development to ensure they successfully attain their academic, career, and personal goals. The office offers a myriad of support services including tutoring, career development and advising, financial aid, and promote access to mental health counseling services.

We have also expanded students’ access to the Office of Student Affairs leadership team by encouraging students to join the twice-monthly virtual office hours held by Emily Walvoord, MD, associate dean, Student Affairs. She is ready to listen and assist!

Meet the entire Student Affairs Team

Student Spaces

You asked: Students were dissatisfied with some of the classroom and relaxation spaces on all campuses.

IUSM delivered: More than $7.6 million has been invested since 2018 to renovate and enhance student spaces on every campus, and more proposed improvements are still to come. Spaces including classrooms, small group rooms, study spaces, student lounges and clinical skills education rooms have all seen a facelift.

See photos of some of the significant improvements.

While IU School of Medicine is proud of this list of improvements, our work at every level and every campus is ongoing. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to climb the Stairway to Accreditation!

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