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Pediatric Clinical Research Amidst COVID-19

Changes and obstacles in pediatric clinical research at Indiana University School of Medicine during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ashley Wilson  |  Jan 21, 2021

Employee Spotlight – Beth Whipple

Beth Whipple, MLS, AHIP, is an Assistant Director of Research and Translational Sciences at the Ruth Lilly Medical Library. Beth helps to provide research services ...

Safar Saydshoev  |  Jan 20, 2021

Faculty Spotlight - Gregory Borschel, MD

Gregory Borschel, MD, is the James Harbaugh, Jr. Professor of Plastic Surgery at Indiana University School of Medicine, Department of Surgery and the Chief of ...

Marco Gutierrez  |  Jan 12, 2021

COVID-19 vaccine study leader and participants featured in BBC video

Cynthia Brown, MD, who leads the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine study at the IU School of Medicine, is being featured in a new short-form documentary by ...

Anna Carrera  |  Jan 08, 2021

Reflections on MLK’s Legacy | Health and Justice

King’s work toward peace, human rights and justice are concepts and foundational pillars that continue to influence many. However, as the country navigates the compounding ...

Nikki Livingston  |  Jan 08, 2021

Jonathan Fridell, MD, Division Chief of Transplant Surgery, receives leadership award

Each year, Indiana University Health presents Values Leadership Awards to compassionate and dedicated team members sustaining workplace excellence. This regional distinction is awarded to four ...

Marco Gutierrez  |  Jan 08, 2021

Spirituality in Medicine | Buddhism

Spiritual and compassionate care focuses on a patient's spiritual wellbeing by connecting them to spiritual traditions, rituals and practices as they experience a health crisis. ...

Nikki Livingston  |  Jan 08, 2021

Inside Look: Implementing Conversations to Advance Racial Equity (ICARE) program

In October 2020, Implementing Conversations to Advance Racial Equity (iCare) was launched by Faculty Affairs, Professional Development, and Diversity (FAPDD) to call for racial equity ...

Nikki Livingston  |  Jan 08, 2021

Professional Development Opportunities

Indiana University Human Resources champions the continual growth and development of all staff by providing a variety ofleadership and development resources.

 |  Jan 05, 2021