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October 2023 Research Awards

October 2023 Research Awards

IU School of Medicine  |  Dec 04, 2023

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Dr. Stephanie Ware

Bench to Bedside: Ware leads integration of genetics into clinical care

Cardiovascular geneticist Stephanie Ware, MD, PhD, leads a growing department of genetics experts as genomic medicine is more broadly implemented into clinical care at IU

Laura Gates  |  Nov 30, 2023

tap study logo reads "TAP: Trauma and PCC Study." The A in TAP is outlined in a red blood droplet.

IU School of Medicine is participating in the Trauma and Prothrombin Complex Concentrate (TAP) Trial

Bleeding out is the most common cause of preventable death after injury. We are participating in an international study to see if a blood clotting

IU School of Medicine  |  Nov 21, 2023

Xenium instrument

Center for Medical Genomics onboards new Xenium tool for omics research

The Center for Medical Genomics at Indiana University School of Medicine has recently added the 10x Genomics Xenium to their fleet of instruments to support

IU School of Medicine  |  Nov 17, 2023

Emmaline Swigert shows off her continuous glucose monitoring system

Clinical trial presents a pill of promise for type 1 diabetes

In March 2023, 10-year-old Emmaline Swigert was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, an autoimmune disease where the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks and destroys the

Jackie Maupin  |  Nov 13, 2023

Leo Stenz receives an infusion of lecanemab, a first-of-its-kind Alzheimer's treatment.

IU administering, leading clinical research on FDA-approved Alzheimer’s drug

For nearly a decade, lecanemab has been tested in clinical trials at IU School of Medicine. The drug targets the removal of amyloid plaques in

Ben Middelkamp  |  Nov 13, 2023

Mark R. Kelley, PhD

From lab to market: Discoveries in Kelley Lab lead to new therapies for multiple diseases

Over the last 30 years, Mark R. Kelley has disclosed 61 inventions, been awarded 19 patents and launched a pharmaceutical startup. Now he's helping other

Laura Gates  |  Nov 10, 2023

Francesca Duncan, MD

Duncan leads quest to end health disparities in lung cancer

Francesca Duncan, MD, is determined to end disparities in the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer—the leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States.

Laura Gates  |  Nov 02, 2023

September 2023 Research Awards

September 2023 Research Awards

IU School of Medicine  |  Oct 30, 2023

Dr. Gregory Katzman by American flag

Improving health care for rural veterans

IU School of Medicine Professor Gregory Katzman, MD, MBA, is teaming up with Kelley researchers to help the VA better serve veterans living in rural areas.

Laura Gates  |  Oct 26, 2023