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Breanca Merritt, PhD, on Systemic Racism and Lessons Learned from COVID-19

Speaking at this year’s IU School of Medicine Cultural Awareness Town Hall, Merritt will share key research about systemic racism in legislative and administrative decisions while also reflecting on lessons learned from COVID-19. She shares valuable ways for medical professionals to mitigate the effects that COVID-19 has on communities of color.

Madison Pershing  |  Jan 04, 2021

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IU medical student trains to give COVID vaccine

Indiana University medical students volunteer to administer COVID-19 vaccines

Health officials for the State of Indiana called upon Indiana University School of Medicine to train a volunteer army of medical students who will be

Laura Gates  |  Dec 14, 2020

AstraZeneca vaccine study participants

Participants in IU School of Medicine AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine study come from many different backgrounds

A surgeon, IT worker and retired manufacturer are among the participants in the IU School of Medicine late stage clinical study of an investigational COVID-19

Anna Carrera  |  Dec 01, 2020

a student performs a clinical exam

Community collaboration key to addressing disparities in diabetes

Communities of color are disproportionately affected by diabetes. In Indiana, nearly 13 percent of the adult population has diabetes, and another 36 percent has pre-diabetes.

Laura Gates  |  Nov 20, 2020

Seethal Jacob, MD, with a sickle cell patient at Riley

IU School of Medicine psychologist studies injustice in treatment of youth with sickle cell disease

Amy Williams, PhD, is launching a two-year study to examine how ‘injustice appraisals’—a patient’s perception of injustice in their medical care—affects the physical symptoms and

Laura Gates  |  Nov 10, 2020

Paul Musey, emergency medicine

Indiana University Racial Justice Research Fund helps IU School of Medicine researchers design anxiety study with enhanced cultural competence

Paul Musey, MD, is leading a study that asks: What role does race play in how an emergency room patient is approached? And, how does

Laura Gates  |  Oct 30, 2020

Kathy Miller and Harikrishna Nakshatri

Genomic medicine key to treating aggressive breast cancers disproportionately affecting African American women

Compared to white women, the lifetime risk of developing breast cancer is slightly lower for African Americans; however, the risk of dying from the disease

Laura Gates  |  Oct 09, 2020

Levi Funches, Md 004

IU School of Medicine faculty helping fathers learn about safe sleep

Indiana University School of Medicine faculty are working to help reduce cases of sudden unexpected infant death syndrome (SUIDs) by spending time with fathers, helping

Christina Griffiths  |  Aug 25, 2020

portrait of katherine hiller

Meet Katherine Hiller, IU School of Medicine-Bloomington campus director

Katherine Hiller shares her diverse and collaborative experiences in medical education and her vision for preparing healers and transforming health in Bloomington and beyond.

Laura Gates  |  Jul 15, 2020

Department of Neurology faculty Joanne Wojcieszek, MD, (left) and Elizabeth Zauber, MD, accept gift from Hanah Wolf on behalf of her grandmother.

Teen honors grandmother with fundraisers for Parkinsons research

High school senior delivers gift to support IU Parkinson's Disease Center of Excellence

Glenda Shaw  |  Jul 06, 2020