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Residency Training

Residency training within the Department of Medicine at IU School of Medicine encompasses every aspect of internal medicine and offers various tracks to best suit the trainee’s needs. We have three outstanding programs: the Internal Medicine Residency Program, the combined Internal Medicine/Pediatrics Residency Program, and the Southwest Indiana Internal Medicine Residency Program.

This department is nationally and internationally renowned for its contributions to medicine. Within this rich clinical environment, our Internal Medicine residency programs offer considerable flexibility and choice in training to help each individual achieve specific career goals. Trainees interested in becoming physician scientists can apply for the board-approved research pathway.

Internal Medicine Residency Training

Information about applying for residency at IU School of Medicine and details on employment, including stipends and policies, are available through the Office of GME.

Office of GME

A group of residents pose together on the lawn.

Internal Medicine Residency (Indianapolis)

In addition to categorical training, the Internal Medicine Residency Program (Indianapolis) offers three tracks for residents to tailor their training: primary care, preliminary medicine and research.
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A physician uses a stethoscope to listen to a pediatric patient's heart.

Internal Medicine/Pediatrics Residency (Indianapolis)

The Internal Medicine/Pediatrics Residency (Indianapolis) exposes residents to the range of adult and childhood illnesses in various clinical settings to train physicians to care and treat patients in every stage of life.
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Southwest Internal Medicine Residency (Evansville)

This residency program (Evansville) is part of an expanded and collaborative model of collective competence, tailored to the rural, under-served regions of southwest Indiana.
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Residency at IU School of Medicine

Details about applying for residency at IU School of Medicine and information on employment are available through the Office of GME. This office serves as the human resource office for residents. In collaboration with the school’s affiliated hospitals throughout Indiana, the Office of GME provides administrative guidance and professional development for residents to enhance administrative expertise toward fulfilling state and national requirements for ACGME, NRMP and other specialty organizations.