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Resident Life


Visit Indy

The Indiana University School of Medicine Indianapolis campus is located just a mile and a half from the center of downtown Indianapolis, which is ranked eighth by Forbes for best places in the nation for business and careers, with recognition for major health care industry contributions.

Indianapolis offers many opportunities for cultural and historical enrichment, including a symphony, theaters and museums. The award-winning Indianapolis Zoo, Children’s Museum and Conner Prairie also provide residents with cultural activities and entertainment year round. Learn more about sports, events and attractions Indianapolis has to offer on the Visit Indy website.

  • Christine Lucky - Class of 2022 
    Hometown: Chandler, AZ (but born in Ohio – Go Bucks!)
    Undergrad: Arizona State University
    Medical School: University of Miami Miller School of Medicine – MD/MPH track
    Favorite thing to do in Indy: It’s a tie between team trivia at the Tap (we’re the PubMeds) and wandering aimlessly around my neighborhood (Fountain Square)

    My case is a little unique. Location was my initial draw to IU, since my husband is a PhD candidate at IU Bloomington. I was not sure what to expect, since I was not very familiar with the program or Indianapolis, but I loved my interview day here! I had high expectations for my future residency program and IU checked all the boxes – friendly residents, a multi-hospital system with diverse patient populations, and a program director that truly cares for the residents. We serve Hoosiers from every corner of the state (ex. Eskenazi and Methodist are Level I trauma centers; we have one of the largest liver transplant services in the country) and from every walk of life (recent immigrants, lifelong Hoosiers, urban residents, and transfers from small regional hospitals). Even the winters are relatively mild for the Midwest (as someone who lived in AZ and FL, this was a plus!) Even though we have great academics (ex. 100% board pass rate; IU home matches in GI, cards, heme/onc, and pulm/crit), the residents are the heart of this program. Look at our fellowship match list from 2019 – people want to stay here. Come check us out – I think you’ll find a lot to love about Indy and our residency program.

Resident Wellness

Wellness Group outside

Our program has a dedicated resident-led Wellness Committee that organizes a variety of events throughout the year in order to promote resident well-being and foster comradery among residents. These events include dinner outings, ice cream socials, trivia nights, picnics, apple picking, bowling, attending sporting events, among many others. In addition, every December, we have our Holiday party at the Indiana Historical Society in downtown, Indianapolis. This is a wonderful time to celebrate the holiday season while catching up with faculty and residents from other classes.

Wellness Days

All trainees may take up to three personal days per academic year, for a maximum of nine personal days during their 36‐month residency period. Personal time is meant to improve resident health and well being by providing trainees with the flexibility to schedule doctor’s appointments, dentist’s appointments, car repairs, etc, and to encourage trainees to model healthy lifestyles for their patients. 
Colts Mascot

Ambulatory Lifestyle/Wellness Curriculum

Our lifestyle curriculum is built under our general ambulatory months. This curriculum was developed by Dr. David Crabb, CMO of Eskenazi Hospital, and focuses on teaching residents about exercise, nutrition, and mind-body medicine. Skills learned in these sessions are meant to improve residents’ well-being and empower them with life-style choices that they can pass on to their patients.

Mental Health Services

Residents at IU School of Medicine have a range of options for mental health services and behavioral health care. IU School of Medicine provides free and confidential counseling services to resident and fellow physicians. Available services include individual, couples and family, and group counseling; consultation; programming; and emergency intervention. Among concerns are adjustment, alcohol or drug-related difficulties, anxiety/stress management, body image, depression, disordered eating, emotional response to physician responsibilities, harassment, individual differences, relationship difficulties, self-esteem, sexuality, sexual victimization, and suicidal thoughts.

All individuals are treated with respect regardless of age, color, counseling concern, ethnicity, gender, marital/parental status, national origin, race, religion, physical ability, sexual orientation, or veteran status. Counseling is confidential in accordance with state laws and ethical guidelines. Counseling records are maintained in files separate from the student/house staff files and cannot be accessed by faculty, staff, administrators, parents or other student/house staff without the individual’s written permission.

Mental Health Services

Pregnancy Policy

The health of our residents and their pregnancies is a top priority. This year, the Internal Medicine Residency program is excited to share a new, and unique, pregnancy scheduling policy. Beginning spring 2020, residents on their last trimester of pregnancy, and for two months postpartum, will not have any overnight shifts or any shifts longer than fourteen hours. In addition, we will attempt to accommodate any other health care needs that may arise during the course of the pregnancy.
Group photo Retreat 2019


Each year, our PGY2 residents have a two-day retreat at a resort on Lake Monroe in Bloomington, Indiana. Through group discussions and team building activities, residents learn communication, leadership, and management skills needed to help them succeed as they step into their new supervisory roles. 


IU School of Medicine Graduate Medical Education (GME) offers excellent benefits, including; 

  • Competitive salaries 
  • Health and dental insurance with no monthly premiums for residents/fellows, their spouses, and families
  • Free life insurance
  • Free disability insurance
  • Free medical malpractice insurance
  • Free parking at all hospitals
  • Free shuttle bus transportation provided between hospitals
  • 3-4 weeks of vacation per year
  • 3 personal days per academic year 
  • 10 days off per academic year for fellowship or job interviews for PGY3s
  • Meal money provided for on-call days
  • Free lunch with noon conferences 
  • Allowance for scientific travel (i.e. conferences)
  • Indiana University Tuition Benefit for residents/fellows, their spouses, and dependent children
  • Free software, including over 200 programs and training courses for applications like Photoshop and Microsoft Office

Employment Terms and Benefits


Program Leadership Mentor

Each resident meets with the program director or an associate program director at least twice per academic year to check in on their professional and personal development. These mentors are able to assist residents in all aspects of residency - from dealing with interpersonal challenges, improving time management skills, or seeking out research mentorship.

Faculty Mentorship

Upon matriculating to IU, each resident is asked about their professional interests and goals. Each resident is then paired with a faculty mentor in their area of interest to help facilitate professional development. Our faculty mentors are some of the top performers in their respective fields, and include prior president of the American College of Cardiology, pioneers in advanced endoscopy and hepatology, to oncologists on the forefront of cancer therapy. These mentors are highly motivated and are able to help provide guidance on career development, subspeciality training, and research. 

Resident “Big Sibling"

This is an optional program designed to match up incoming interns with current residents. This relationship allows for more casual mentorship about all aspects of residency such as discussing appropriate research mentors, advice about wards and electives, parenting during residency, and more.