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Class of 2021

Kevin Zhang

Hometown: Birmingham, MI
Undergrad: University of Michigan
Medical School: Wayne State University
Favorite thing to do in Indy: Sporting events, exploring the breweries and restaurants, hanging out by the canal, and doing all-of-the-above with the amazing people in my class. Sounds corny but it’s the truth.

Why IU: Want a little bit of everything? Want the best of all worlds? Well that’s why I’m here right now. You get your bread and butter at the VA. You have your specialized medicine at Methodist and University. And you get the privilege to treat a diverse and underserved population at the most gorgeous community hospital, Eskenazi (which has an organic sky farm whaaaaat). And personally for someone who’s wanted heme/onc for the last 8 years, Indiana matches extremely well for heme/onc, sending residents to Johns Hopkins and MD Anderson last year (it does help to have Dr. Einhorn, the oncologist credited for curing metastatic testicular cancer). On top of that, the faculty and advising prioritizes you. You WILL be put in contact with the right people to pursue whatever clinical and academic interests you have. The ancillary staff here is outstandingly supportive, letting you focus on the medicine. And I can’t stress how much of a plus it is practicing while being surrounded by good ol’ fashion Midwestern kindness. Speaking of which, IU School of Medicine just attracts the right (and best) people. This whole experience would feel half-baked if it weren’t for the immensely amazing people you’re surrounded by. You’ll make amazing friends who will wow you with how humble they are despite having every reason not to be. I just knew IU School of Medicine would make me the physician I envisioned. 

Devika Gandhi

Hometown: Dayton, Ohio
Undergraduate: University of Akron, Akron, Ohio
Medical School: Northeast Ohio Medical University, Rootstown, Ohio
Favorite Things to Do in Indy: Not to sound cheesy, but I love spending time with all the friends I’ve made here. I’ve gone to a lot of trivia and small concerts at Rathskeller. Living on the canal has been fantastic and there’s always something going on. I’m looking forward to exploring more of the city!

Why I Chose IU: Through the interview process, I was looking for the program that was the “right fit.” Indiana was definitely the right fit for me. First and foremost, the atmosphere is collegial and the camaraderie is apparent. On my interview day I could tell the residents were genuinely happy to be at Indiana. My peers have been incredibly supportive, but they also have forced me to challenge myself to become a better physician. The diversity of training through the four different hospitals is also one of the strongest aspects of the program. We are exposed to several different health care models from the private hospital to the academic hospital to the county hospital to the VA. While that may seem daunting, these diverse experiences allow us to serve a broad range of patients and see a breadth of pathology. Furthermore, the program does a great job of fostering autonomy while still remaining supportive–I am already starting to feel comfortable making decisions, but I know that if I need help I have support from my peers and faculty. In my first few months here, I’ve already had opportunities to participate in research and have had mentors reach out to me. There is immense institutional pride at Indiana University and for good reason. When I interviewed at IU School of Medicine, I could see this place becoming my future home. One of the first lessons I was taught in medical school was “the patient is why I’m here,” and I’m truly proud to practice medicine at an institution that embodies that lesson. 

Samuel Lampe

Hometown: Bellevue, Iowa
Undergrad: Loras College
Medical school: Des Moines University
Favorite thing to do in Indy: My wife and I enjoy trying new restaurants and breweries as well as exploring new neighborhoods in Indianapolis.

Why IU: When I interviewed at Indiana University School of Medicine, it was apparent that the program epitomized both diversity and congeniality. IU School of Medicine drew my attention due to the breadth of clinical experiences available. Prior to my interview, I had reservations about rotating at four different hospitals, but I came to realize that this represents one of the program’s greatest strengths. During my application cycle, I was uncertain if I wanted to practice general medicine or pursue fellowship. I chose IU School of Medicine because I knew I would be very well trained in general medicine and have opportunities to explore sub-specialties. IU School of Medicine allows residents to experience very sub-specialized medicine in an academic university setting, but also experience bread and butter medicine in both a county hospital and VA setting. Furthermore, the program boasts multiple clinics with diverse patient populations to tailor my training toward my future patient population. The second most important factor in my decision to train at IU School of Medicine was my sense of community during my interview. This impression has been born out to be true during my short time at the program. There has been a strong sense of comaradery among my co-interns, in addition, my senior residents, attendings, and advisors have been extremely helpful and supportive. For example, upon first meeting my faculty advisor, he put me in touch with leadership within the nephrology program to introduce myself and show my interest in fellowship. Overall, I feel training at IU School of Medicine will help me become a well-rounded physician and develop many close relationships along the way. 

Jared Ludlow

Hometown: Flora, Indiana
Undergrad: University of Southern Indiana
Medical School: Indiana University School of Medicine
Favorite thing to do in Indy: Biking the Monon and central canal trails, going to the multitude of restaurants/bars, hitting up the zoo, walking the dog at multiple parks and on trails, kayaking on the white river and the canal.

Why IU: I had the opportunity to see what residency life was like at IU when I was here as a med student. They all seemed to enjoy their work and were happy that they had ended up here. The multiple hospital system keeps things interesting from month to month and also prepares residents for a broader scope of practice. The staff were all fantastic when I was a med student and I am enjoying working with many of them again as an intern. Also the city is great. Indy has a big city feel with a lower than average cost of living, so I can actually enjoy life during residency instead of just grinding through it and hoping for better days as an attending. I’m glad I chose to stay because I’m enjoying intern year much more than I anticipated. The staff are all interested in education and the didactics are informative and engaging. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who is looking for a strong academic program with a collegial atmosphere. 

Class of 2022


Cody Jinnette

Hometown: Tallassee, AL
Undergrad: Auburn University – War Eagle!
Medical School: Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine – Auburn campus
Favorite thing to do in Indy: Trivia at the local breweries

Why IU: As a 4th year medical student I did an away rotation here, and by the end of my month in Indianapolis I felt at home. The thing that stuck out most to me, and was ultimately why I ended up coming here, was how friendly everyone was. The medical students, the residents, and the attendings all genuinely tried to create a good work environment and make our difficult job as pleasant and easy as possible. Being in an unfamiliar city and hospital can be very stressful as a medical student, but my day to day interactions with the residents (both on rotations and when we went out to do things around Indianapolis) during my month here sold me on the program. When I was interviewing, I struggled to find residents as nice and as happy as the ones I met on my rotation. As a resident, that gut feeling I had as a 4th year medical student has not left. Every day when I go to work, I am surrounded by caring, friendly people, and that’s why I would encourage every medical student to consider IU for residency. 

Mohamad Sabra

Hometown: Beirut, Lebanon
Undergrad: American University of Beirut
Medical School: American University of Beirut
Favorite things to do in Indy: Hanging out with friends at the city bars (on Mass avenue) and restaurants

Why IU: I have lived all my life before in my home country Lebanon and never moved out to another country let alone overseas! In addition to the nerve-wracking life event of moving into a new country with different culture, I passed through the most stressful event of my life after matching at IU. Being an IMG, you need to apply for a visa to be able to come to the US and work. After I applied to my visa in May, I went through a tedious process of additional background checks and administrative processing that delayed my visa around 7 weeks (till July). In the meantime, I had to miss orientation, my first rotation, and the useful time to move-in and get to know everyone. One can only imagine how stressful, frustrating, and depressing that experience was for an enthusiastic resident-to-be who’s unable to join his program. However, throughout the whole process, IU was completely supportive, helpful, and understanding. Having IU by my side in this process was the most comforting aspect of my life in those 7 weeks. When I was able to arrive to IU 1 month late to my residency program, I felt the overwhelming support of the IU family in helping me settle down as smoothly as possible. Going through this experience with IU taught me a lot about the significance of the support you can get from your residency program. In addition to being an astute academic institution with a variety of learning opportunities and training sites, IU has additional virtues of being supportive, accommodating, and considerate of significant life events. It has been 2 months since I “officially” started residency and I feel every day the echoes of the righteous decision I made about matching in IU medicine program!