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Class of 2019

Bharathi Muthusamy

Hometown: Chesterton, Indiana
Undergrad: Case Western Reserve University
Medical School: Indiana University School of Medicine
Favorite thing to do in Indy: Checking out new restaurants.

Why IU: Since I went to medical school at IU, I got to see how the residency worked on the average day. This was the biggest pull for me to stay at IU School of Medicine. I knew the residents were happy and content outside of the interview day. I knew how supportive the faculty were of the house staff. When I picked IU School of Medicine, I felt confident that I would be getting the training needed to practice anywhere in any environment. Also, I already knew Indianapolis would be a good city to maintain a solid work-life balance. It’s a fun, laid-back city that I’ve grown to love! 

Cynthia Wei

Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Undergrad: Cornell University
Medical School: University of Texas Southwestern
Favorite thing to do in Indy: Kayaking on Eagle Creek, enjoying the various local breweries in town, strolls with co-residents along the canal.

Why IU:  When I interviewed at IU School of Medicine, I knew that the program easily met the criteria on my checklist: a large variety of clinical settings in which to train (VA, county hospital, and private quaternary referral centers) and an academic teaching institution with great faculty with hands in both research and education. However, what struck me the most about the program was the collegiality and rapport between the residents and faculty alike. They say that you should follow your gut instinct when ranking programs, and IU felt like home.  Now, I feel blessed to be able to take care of our sickest, most indigent patients in one of the most beautiful county hospitals in the country, as well as learn about subspecialties such as Hepatology in one of the largest liver transplantation centers. I also enjoy the personal training sessions and nutrition classes scheduled during our ambulatory rotation, and taking a breather between busy clinical rotations to get back in the lab and learn about the molecular workings of cancer biology. The opportunities for growth are ample in this program, and there is much fun to be had while training to become a great physician here! 

Jenny King

Hometown: Lafayette, Indiana
Undergrad: Purdue University
Medical School: Indiana University School of Medicine
Favorite thing to do in Indy: From making it downtown to a Colts or Pacers game to enjoying a new restaurant in Broad Ripple or Fountain Square, l love that Indy offers so many different options. My husband and I also live near Eagle Creek, and we love taking our dog out on the trails or out kayaking with us.

Why IU: I was able to get a glimpse into the residency program when I was a student at IU, but it wasn’t until I was out on the interview trail that I realized the unique opportunities training at IU School of Medicine would give me. The four hospital system is such an advantage to be exposed to a wide variety of patient populations and disease pathology in our training, and I really think it’s one of the strongest components of our program. I was also really impressed with the residents that I worked with during my training as a student here and those I met during the interview process. It was obvious that they were proud of the program and excited to share it with us. I’ve been more than happy with my experience at IU School of Medicine so far, and I’m confident it is providing me with the skills I need as I continue in my training. 

Tony Wood

Hometown: Scottsdale, Arizona
Undergrad: Arizona State University
Medical School: Baylor College of Medicine
Favorite thing to do in Indy: Hiking/Kayaking/Zip Lining at Eagle Creek Park.

Why IU: I chose to place IU School of Medicine at the top of my rank list because I felt that this program equally promotes professional growth and preservation of a fulfilling personal life. Our four hospitals, which are conveniently located next to one another, give us the opportunity to engage in the practice of medicine in a county, VA, private, and University setting. As such, we not only grow as physicians by encountering a large spectrum of medical conditions and patient populations, but we also get to the test the waters to see what type of clinical environment gives us the greatest professional satisfaction. With these four hospitals comes a large faculty pool to pick from for mentorship and career guidance. I have encountered no resistance when seeking research projects as each faculty member I have talked to has been eager to be of assistance in the development of my career. I have been able to participate in poster presentations, case reports, clinical trials, and translational bench research with their help. Yet, while I have felt the residency burn at times (as you should in any strong residency program), I have never felt burned out. This may be in part due to our generous vacation schedule, personal day allowances, and guaranteed holiday protection. But I think it largely has to do with the fact that not a day goes by where I don’t smile and laugh with my colleagues. Our faculty and residents are good people. And because of them, work feels a little less like work. 

Ziad Ghazzawi

Hometown: Beirut, Lebanon
Undergrad: American University of Beirut
Medical school: American University of Beirut
Favorite thing to do in Indy: Biking along the White River and the canal.

Why IU: Going into the Match, I knew that moving to a new country was going to be both the biggest and scariest step in my career. After interview season, I was certain that IU School of Medicine was where I wanted to end up. Aside from excellent training and unlimited learning opportunities that I knew would benefit me at a program that encompasses 4 different training environments, what drew me to IU School of Medicine was actually something else. It was the overwhelming feeling that I was joining a program that first and foremost supports its residents and vows to always listen to what they have to say. After a year at IU, I have seen firsthand how residents’ concerns and suggestions are brought to key stakeholders and acted on in a manner that persistently seeks to advance an already solid teaching atmosphere. As for the city itself, Indianapolis took a while to adjust to, but I have quickly come to appreciate the liveliness of a city that loves food, music and diversity while also offering a safe and easily accessible lifestyle. Regardless of career goals, Internal Medicine at IU School of Medicine has given me the confidence, personal and professional upbringing that I will need to keep pushing forward, and I would not have chosen any differently than being here. 
Class of 2020

Audrey Hessong

Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana
Undergrad: Purdue University
Medical School: Indiana University School of Medicine
Favorite thing to do in Indy: Hiking, exploring new restaurants, and watching jeopardy with my 97 year old grandma.

Why IU: During my training as a medical student, I had the opportunity to spend quality time with IU School of Medicine residents. Their knowledge base and enthusiasm for the program was a major factor in my decision to choose IU School of Medicine. The four-hospital system, including the VA, is very unique and allows you to see a different patient population in each setting. As well, IU School of Medicine places a major emphasis on a quality clinic experience for their residents. The faculty preceptors are all very engaging and excellent educators. As a city, Indianapolis is home to several professional sports teams and features a vibrant array of social events. There are plenty of local hiking and cycling trails to enjoy the outdoors, too.  Indy has a low cost of living and is very easy to navigate. I am happy to call Indianapolis and the IU School of Medicine residency program home! 

Laura Vater

Hometown: Hartford City, Indiana
Undergrad: University of Notre Dame
Medical School: Indiana University School of Medicine
Favorite thing to do in Indy: Hiking in Fort Harrison State Park / Indianapolis Zoo with my daughter.

Why IU: I am thrilled to have matched at my home institution IU! For me, the decision was clear early on. Matching at IU School of Medicine means having a diverse training experience unrivaled by other programs, along with ample opportunities for research and career mentorship. Perhaps most importantly, it means training in a supportive environment where residents are heard, respected, and valued. Medical training can be an arduous and isolating experience. Here at IU School of Medicine, there is a sense of community among program leadership, staff, and residents. I was drawn to this culture as a medical student, and have been grateful for this support as a resident. I’m so glad I chose IU School of Medicine. 

Mahmoud Rahal

Hometown: Beirut, Lebanon
Undergrad: Bachelor of Science in Biology, American University of Beirut
Medical School: American University of Beirut School of Medicine
Favorite thing to do in Indy: Indianapolis is neither your typical big metropolitan busy city nor a quiet small city. It is somewhere in between and that’s what makes it special. Indianapolis is full of history and heritage which is evident through its monuments. What I really love about this city is its cultural districts. The canal offers a perfect walk or run especially at sunset. Mass Ave and fountain square have plenty of restaurants for a night gathering with friends, and it is all a walking distance from home.

Why IU: I was born in Brazil then raised in Lebanon. As an international medical graduate, deciding on a residency program was one of the most challenging decisions I had to make after graduating from medical school in Beirut. I sought out a program that balanced diverse clinical exposure, numerous research opportunities, and continuous mentorship between its residents and faculty. After a few months into my internship at Indiana University School of Medicine Internal Medicine Program, the complexity and scope of patients in the different hospitals, the patient-centered care, and the great caliber of the attendings that I have worked with have made it a great experience. The best part of my residency so far has been the welcoming and friendly atmosphere with my co-interns and senior residents that have helped me settle in well. 

Miysha Shaw

Hometown: Okemos, Michigan (Right near East Lansing!)
Undergrad: Spelman College
Medical School: Weill Cornell
Favorite thing to do in Indianapolis: Eat! There are so many great places to eat here. I have a long bucket list of must-try restaurants, and I haven’t even reached the tip of the iceberg yet. I also really enjoy spending time outside. There are a lot of parks, and a long trail along the river that I find relaxing.

Why IU: The Indiana University  School of Medicine program was highly recommended by my medical school advisor. When I made the choice to interview in the Midwest, I was told that IU was a place I absolutely must consider. The program is very large and serves an extensive group of patients from a wide demographic spectrum, a characteristic that was definitely appealing to me. Furthermore, the IU School of Medicine program graduates residents who are able to function in multiple health care settings as we are exposed to VA, county, university, and private hospital structures. Ultimately, I wanted to train at a place that would prepare me to practice in any field, and in any environment. Indiana University School of Medicine is that place. Furthermore, on my interview day, the residents were all very friendly and open about their experiences, and seemed to enjoy life both in and out of work. 

Russell Purpura

Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas
Undergrad: Baylor University
Medical School: University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston
Favorite thing to do in Indy:  My wife and I love getting our road bikes out and riding across town.  Indy has a few major trails to either walk, run or bike. My two favorites include the Monon trail and Cultural trail. One goes through the heart of Indy, and the other is 24 miles long and it rides north of Indy in an awesome area called the Broad Ripple area, lined with pubs and restaurants to stop at along your way.  Also, I haven’t had the opportunity yet, but I can’t wait until the Indy 500!

Why IU: Moving to Indianapolis from Texas was a huge change, but that’s exactly what my wife and I wanted! We couples matched (IM and EM) and after many interviews across the country, we knew immediately that this was our perfect fit. First and most importantly, we wanted an environment that was going to continually push us to be our best every day, while also maintaining a friendly learning atmosphere. I can honestly say my attendings, upper levels, and even patients are constantly encouraging me to improve and keep learning daily. Second, I personally wanted a program that had multiple hospitals to maximize my exposure to a wide range of pathology, so I could become the best and most well rounded internist. Not only do we train at four different hospitals (Eskenaki, Methodist, VA and University), but we also are unopposed by any other large Universities or hospitals within a 3-4 hour radius (Chicago and Cincinnati). I’ve had patients travel across the entire state to be treated by an IU physician. To me this spoke very highly about IU’s program and its alumni. Finally, I wanted a large city that I could easily call home and that’s exactly what I got. Indy has a huge foodie and microbrewery scene. After a long shift or golden weekend, I know I can unwind with some great co-interns at a local pub or in downtown Indianapolis. You may not know, but Indy is home to the Colts football, Pacers basketball and the well-known Indy 500 race! 

Sam Joshua

Hometown: Biu, Borno State, Nigeria
Undergrad: Missouri State University – Go Bears!
Medical School: Kansas City University
Favorite Thing to do in Indy: Running/walking by the canal!

Why IU: I interviewed at IU School of Medicine towards the end of the interview season, so I had a pretty good idea of what I was looking for in a residency program at that point. At the end of my interview, I left amazed by the emphasis placed on education/teaching, patient centered care, and research at IU School of Medicine. After interacting with the residents and program leaders, I came to the conclusion that the residency program offers a rigorous, challenging and supportive training environment for residents to succeed. Like some applicants, I was very skeptical about rotating at four different hospitals during my training. However, by the end of my interview day, the four-hospital system was definitely one of the top reasons why I wanted to train here and couldn’t be happier when I found out I matched at IU! This unique system provides a rare opportunity for residents to have exposure to diverse patient population and a variety of rotations in multiple hospital settings. It enriches the learning experience and adequately prepares residents to become well-rounded physicians of the future. Three months into my intern year, I have no doubt I made the right choice by choosing IU over the other programs I interviewed at. My co-interns and residents are absolutely a pleasure to work with, always willing to help whenever I reach out to them. Furthermore, the program leaders are invested in the program at every stage, receptive and swift in responding to feedbacks/changes to improve the quality of the program. In addition to ensuring quality training for each resident, they make resident health and well-being a priority to help us model a healthy lifestyle for our patients. I have enjoyed living in Indy and exploring the local food places, museums, sport venues, and running/biking trails throughout the city. I’m happy here and hoping/planning to stay here for fellowship after my residency training. Indy is my new home away from home and I love it! 

Wes Anderson

Hometown: Kingsport, Tennessee
Undergrad: Vanderbilt University
Medical School: University of Virginia
Favorite thing to do in Indy: Attend sporting events and explore new restaurants with my wife.

Why IU: My wife and I chose IU together; she is pursuing a career in dentistry. We liked it here because it felt like home to us: we both grew up in East Tennessee, and the culture in Indy is very similar. I was raised on a farm, and I am a country boy at heart. However, after my undergraduate experiences in Nashville, I also enjoy the feel of a larger city. Indianapolis and the state of Indiana offer both. You can drive 20 minutes outside of the city and get that peaceful rural feel, or you can explore the city and all its amenities. The program here just “felt right” during my interview. The pre-interview experience was by far the best I had anywhere. All the people I encountered were helpful, approachable, and overall just fun to be around. The educational experience at IU School of Medicine is also wonderful. I love the level of autonomy we get, and the diverse experiences we get with the different hospitals. It really prepares us for everything. Finally, IU School of Medicine is a program that is constantly growing and improving in an array of facets such as patient care, research, education, and quality. Those are just a few of the many reasons that I am very thankful to be at IU School of Medicine. 

Kiran Aravapalli

Hometown: Vestal, New York
Undergrad: George Washington University
Medical School: SUNY Upstate Medical University
Favorite things to do in Indy: Checking out all the local breweries, hanging out on Mass Ave, Downtown living and can’t forget all the sporting events! Colts, Pacers and Fever games. This city loves their teams!

Why IU: Many of us talk a lot about the four-hospital system but it really cannot be understated as it leads to an exceptional academic experience. We are able to rotate through a VA medical center, a county hospital that serves as the community safety net (Eskenazi), a University Hospital and a private hospital (Methodist). We have an amazing mix of complex disease processes and bread and butter medicine. Furthermore, we are able to take care of patients from all walks of life, which is a huge privilege and honor. The biggest thing that makes Indiana University School of Medicine so amazing are my co-residents and faculty. The thing that stuck out about the interview was how down to earth and great the residents are. Everybody cares about each other and has each other’s back. There is a sense of comradery, community, and pride, despite being such a large program. Furthermore, I have really enjoyed my time around the city. I have enjoyed the local breweries and restaurants. The sporting events are great and affordable. The people of this city have a ton of pride in their teams and the city itself, so it makes it very easy to buy into. The city was electric last NBA season when the Pacers were playing winning basketball. One of the coolest weeks in the city is during Indy 500 week, when Indy becomes the center of the sports universe. As a kid from Upstate New York, it’s crazy that Indy has become my home after only living on the east coast, but I could not be more thrilled about it and equally excited about what the future holds! 

Victoria Thomas

Hometown: Lewisburg, TN
Undergrad: University of Tennessee
Medical School: The University of Chicago: Pritzker School of Medicine
Favorite Thing to Do in Indy: It’s a Tie between 3 things: 1) Kayaking at Eagle Creek Park 2) Running down the Canal 3) Meeting up with my Indy Book Club to try new Indy desserts/breads, cheeses, or Wine and then talk about fun restaurants for me to try.

Why IU: I chose IU School of Medicine for many reasons. My first impression was a major factor for me. I was at the pre-interview dinner and could see how happy the residents were there and during the interview day. I also loved the variety of hospitals that the residents would rotate through. I knew regardless if I went on to fellowship or practicing general medicine I would be ready. Now, after finishing my Intern year, I can testify to the happiness and the preparation you will feel as a resident. I can also say IU is great for learning as the attendings allow you to have autonomy but also challenge you to expand your knowledge. Also at IU School of Medicine, you see a diverse group of patients from all different races and socioeconomic status that help prepare you for wherever you will practice. Lastly, IU School of Medicine has also allowed me to grow in my love for teaching and research with the Clinician Educator Track Program. If I could do it all over again, IU would still be my choice. 

Andrew Peseski

Hometown: Rochester Hills, Michigan
Undergrad: Michigan State University
Medical School: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine
Favorite thing to do in Indy: Running on the Monon, exploring new restaurants and breweries with friends, going to Colts and Pacer games

Why IU: IU School of Medicine was one of my first residency interviews, and I absolutely fell in love with the program. Within the program, each resident is assigned to a “Hoosier House” which emphasizes creating and maintaining resident wellness and comradary within all classes. The program utilizes 4 different hospitals, each of which offers a unique learning perspective. These facilities range from an academic tertiary center receiving statewide transfers, to the largest private hospital in the state, to Indiana’s tertiary VA, and a state-of-the-art county hospital. There isn’t much you won’t see at IU School of Medicine! As I go through my second year, I truly appreciate the blend of autotomy and guidance needed as the program molds its residents into becoming strong physicians. Most importantly though, the city of Indianapolis has quickly become a place I am able to call home. Indy has a unique ability to feel like a large city with its nightlife, breweries, and restaurants within an affordable budget and with minimal traffic. I am confident that I will become the physician I aspire to be at IU School of Medicine. I encourage you to take a look for yourself to see what all IU School of Medicine has to offer! 

Class of 2021


Kevin Zhang

Hometown: Birmingham, MI
Undergrad: University of Michigan
Medical School: Wayne State University
Favorite thing to do in Indy: Sporting events, exploring the breweries and restaurants, hanging out by the canal, and doing all-of-the-above with the amazing people in my class. Sounds corny but it’s the truth.

Why IU: Want a little bit of everything? Want the best of all worlds? Well that’s why I’m here right now. You get your bread and butter at the VA. You have your specialized medicine at Methodist and University. And you get the privilege to treat a diverse and underserved population at the most gorgeous community hospital, Eskenazi (which has an organic sky farm whaaaaat). And personally for someone who’s wanted heme/onc for the last 8 years, Indiana matches extremely well for heme/onc, sending residents to Johns Hopkins and MD Anderson last year (it does help to have Dr. Einhorn, the oncologist credited for curing metastatic testicular cancer). On top of that, the faculty and advising prioritizes you. You WILL be put in contact with the right people to pursue whatever clinical and academic interests you have. The ancillary staff here is outstandingly supportive, letting you focus on the medicine. And I can’t stress how much of a plus it is practicing while being surrounded by good ol’ fashion Midwestern kindness. Speaking of which, IU School of Medicine just attracts the right (and best) people. This whole experience would feel half-baked if it weren’t for the immensely amazing people you’re surrounded by. You’ll make amazing friends who will wow you with how humble they are despite having every reason not to be. I just knew IU School of Medicine would make me the physician I envisioned. 

Devika Ghandi

Hometown: Dayton, Ohio
Undergraduate: University of Akron, Akron, Ohio
Medical School: Northeast Ohio Medical University, Rootstown, Ohio
Favorite Things to Do in Indy: Not to sound cheesy, but I love spending time with all the friends I’ve made here. I’ve gone to a lot of trivia and small concerts at Rathskeller. Living on the canal has been fantastic and there’s always something going on. I’m looking forward to exploring more of the city!

Why I Chose IU: Through the interview process, I was looking for the program that was the “right fit.” Indiana was definitely the right fit for me. First and foremost, the atmosphere is collegial and the camaraderie is apparent. On my interview day I could tell the residents were genuinely happy to be at Indiana. My peers have been incredibly supportive, but they also have forced me to challenge myself to become a better physician. The diversity of training through the four different hospitals is also one of the strongest aspects of the program. We are exposed to several different health care models from the private hospital to the academic hospital to the county hospital to the VA. While that may seem daunting, these diverse experiences allow us to serve a broad range of patients and see a breadth of pathology. Furthermore, the program does a great job of fostering autonomy while still remaining supportive–I am already starting to feel comfortable making decisions, but I know that if I need help I have support from my peers and faculty. In my first few months here, I’ve already had opportunities to participate in research and have had mentors reach out to me. There is immense institutional pride at Indiana University and for good reason. When I interviewed at IU School of Medicine, I could see this place becoming my future home. One of the first lessons I was taught in medical school was “the patient is why I’m here,” and I’m truly proud to practice medicine at an institution that embodies that lesson. 

Samuel Lampe

Hometown: Bellevue, Iowa
Undergrad: Loras College
Medical school: Des Moines University
Favorite thing to do in Indy: My wife and I enjoy trying new restaurants and breweries as well as exploring new neighborhoods in Indianapolis.

Why IU: When I interviewed at Indiana University School of Medicine, it was apparent that the program epitomized both diversity and congeniality. IU School of Medicine drew my attention due to the breadth of clinical experiences available. Prior to my interview, I had reservations about rotating at four different hospitals, but I came to realize that this represents one of the program’s greatest strengths. During my application cycle, I was uncertain if I wanted to practice general medicine or pursue fellowship. I chose IU School of Medicine because I knew I would be very well trained in general medicine and have opportunities to explore sub-specialties. IU School of Medicine allows residents to experience very sub-specialized medicine in an academic university setting, but also experience bread and butter medicine in both a county hospital and VA setting. Furthermore, the program boasts multiple clinics with diverse patient populations to tailor my training toward my future patient population. The second most important factor in my decision to train at IU School of Medicine was my sense of community during my interview. This impression has been born out to be true during my short time at the program. There has been a strong sense of comaradery among my co-interns, in addition, my senior residents, attendings, and advisors have been extremely helpful and supportive. For example, upon first meeting my faculty advisor, he put me in touch with leadership within the nephrology program to introduce myself and show my interest in fellowship. Overall, I feel training at IU School of Medicine will help me become a well-rounded physician and develop many close relationships along the way. 

Jared Ludlow

Hometown: Flora, Indiana
Undergrad: University of Southern Indiana
Medical School: Indiana University School of Medicine
Favorite thing to do in Indy: Biking the Monon and central canal trails, going to the multitude of restaurants/bars, hitting up the zoo, walking the dog at multiple parks and on trails, kayaking on the white river and the canal.

Why IU: I had the opportunity to see what residency life was like at IU when I was here as a med student. They all seemed to enjoy their work and were happy that they had ended up here. The multiple hospital system keeps things interesting from month to month and also prepares residents for a broader scope of practice. The staff were all fantastic when I was a med student and I am enjoying working with many of them again as an intern. Also the city is great. Indy has a big city feel with a lower than average cost of living, so I can actually enjoy life during residency instead of just grinding through it and hoping for better days as an attending. I’m glad I chose to stay because I’m enjoying intern year much more than I anticipated. The staff are all interested in education and the didactics are informative and engaging. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who is looking for a strong academic program with a collegial atmosphere. 
Class of 2022

Cody Jinnette

Hometown: Tallassee, AL
Undergrad: Auburn University – War Eagle!
Medical School: Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine – Auburn campus
Favorite thing to do in Indy: Trivia at the local breweries

Why IU: As a 4th year medical student I did an away rotation here, and by the end of my month in Indianapolis I felt at home. The thing that stuck out most to me, and was ultimately why I ended up coming here, was how friendly everyone was. The medical students, the residents, and the attendings all genuinely tried to create a good work environment and make our difficult job as pleasant and easy as possible. Being in an unfamiliar city and hospital can be very stressful as a medical student, but my day to day interactions with the residents (both on rotations and when we went out to do things around Indianapolis) during my month here sold me on the program. When I was interviewing, I struggled to find residents as nice and as happy as the ones I met on my rotation. As a resident, that gut feeling I had as a 4th year medical student has not left. Every day when I go to work, I am surrounded by caring, friendly people, and that’s why I would encourage every medical student to consider IU for residency. 

Mohamad Sabra

Hometown: Beirut, Lebanon
Undergrad: American University of Beirut
Medical School: American University of Beirut
Favorite things to do in Indy: Hanging out with friends at the city bars (on Mass avenue) and restaurants

Why IU: I have lived all my life before in my home country Lebanon and never moved out to another country let alone overseas! In addition to the nerve-wracking life event of moving into a new country with different culture, I passed through the most stressful event of my life after matching at IU. Being an IMG, you need to apply for a visa to be able to come to the US and work. After I applied to my visa in May, I went through a tedious process of additional background checks and administrative processing that delayed my visa around 7 weeks (till July). In the meantime, I had to miss orientation, my first rotation, and the useful time to move-in and get to know everyone. One can only imagine how stressful, frustrating, and depressing that experience was for an enthusiastic resident-to-be who’s unable to join his program. However, throughout the whole process, IU was completely supportive, helpful, and understanding. Having IU by my side in this process was the most comforting aspect of my life in those 7 weeks. When I was able to arrive to IU 1 month late to my residency program, I felt the overwhelming support of the IU family in helping me settle down as smoothly as possible. Going through this experience with IU taught me a lot about the significance of the support you can get from your residency program. In addition to being an astute academic institution with a variety of learning opportunities and training sites, IU has additional virtues of being supportive, accommodating, and considerate of significant life events. It has been 2 months since I “officially” started residency and I feel every day the echoes of the righteous decision I made about matching in IU medicine program!