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Internal Medicine Residency Program

Welcome from Our Program Director
Mitchell Goldman

Mitchell Goldman, MD

Assistant Dean for Graduate Medical Education

Welcome to our Internal Medicine Residency program Website. I have been lucky to have the position of Program Director for the past 10 years and would like to first and foremost communicate that I am so proud of and impressed by all of our resident trainees.  While it is certainly our goal to train people to be well-rounded internists capable of providing care to those with both common and unusual conditions, I believe what sets our program apart from others is our focus to provide a learning environment meant to foster career growth for each individual to meet their unique career goals.  The healthcare institutions that make up our learning environment provide our trainees with a variety of care models, patient populations, and experiences that are second to none.  We truly welcome and value continuous feedback from our trainees and take pride in our ability to adjust and improve our residents’ experiences.  

I am sometimes asked… what kind of person are we looking for in our residency? We are interested in having residents from diverse backgrounds that reflect our patient population.  We enjoy training those with diverse careers interests as well, including primary care, hospitalist medicine, subspecialty practice, and have had success in training physician scientists as well as those who pursue public and or global health careers. We value trainees who communicate well who enjoy working with others and who are excited about learning and the field of medicine.  

I am an Infectious Diseases physician who previously directed the Infectious Diseases Fellowship here at IU and have had experience in house staff education at three separate universities. I am an Assistant Dean at Indiana University and have a role in fostering the clinical learning environment for the entire body of residents and fellows on campus. I feel lucky to be able to spend my professional time trying to make the learning environment as good as it can be,  In my spare time, I enjoy writing and recording music and doing art projects.  I enjoy getting to know our residents and last year even had the honor of officiating the wedding of one of our trainees and his partner. I most enjoy being part of a supportive educational team and watching our trainees grow as individuals and as physicians during their residency years and beyond! 

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