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Research within the Division of Hematology/Oncology includes programs at the forefront of clinical, translational and basic science investigation. Clinical research activities are led by world-renowned faculty members developing innovative protocols and driving the standard of care in the treatment of cancer and other hematological diseases. Translational research is ongoing in many laboratories developing novel agents and strategies to address the clinically relevant issues with the goal of impacting patient care and disease management. A group of internationally recognized faculty leads the basic science research program within the division. These labs are involved in generating new knowledge that will expand our understanding of cellular processes critical in hematology and oncology.

Clinical Research

Clinical research directed by IU School of Medicine faculty hematologists and oncologists is focused on searching for new and improved treatments in cancer care. Several faculty-led clinical trial opportunities are available at the Indiana University Melvin and Bren Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center. Additional information regarding participation requirements in these trials can be found on the IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center Research & Clinical Trials webpage. For more information on clinical research at IU School of Medicine, visit the IU School of Medicine Office of Clinical Research

Basic Science Research

The basic science research program within the Division of Hematology/Oncology spans a wide array of areas. Fundamental pathways from DNA replication and repair to integrated signaling pathways are currently under investigation as they relate to benign hematology and cancer. The role of stems cells, angiogenesis and tumor microenvironment are being studied in the context of cancer progression and metastasis. The analysis of biomarkers and drug development represents active areas of research with the goal of translating knowledge generated through basic science discovery to clinical application to impact human health. The Hematology/Oncology faculty is a prolific group publishing major findings in prestigious journals with extramural funding from the National Institutes of Health, Department of Defense, American Cancer Society, and numerous agencies and foundations.

Breast Cancer Research

Breast cancer physicians and scientists at the Vera Bradley Foundation Center are using new technologies to develop highly customized therapies and help women avoid the harsh side effects that sometimes result from standard treatment.

Cancer Research

More than 200 scientists at IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center are working to understand the molecular changes that cause cancer, develop targeted therapies to prevent and treat cancer, and to resolve other challenges.