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Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology within the Department of Medicine at IU School of Medicine is one of the largest divisions of its kind in the United States, offering an enormous breadth of clinical and research expertise for learners and faculty peers.

Division-Specific Wellness Resources

The Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology is committed to the wellness of its faculty, fellows, and staff. This includes offering resources from the division, department, and school for physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological, financial, and relational well-being.

As a part of the division’s commitment to wellness, Anne Mary Montero, PhD, a clinical GI psychologist, provides various resources to our faculty, fellows, and staff.

Dr. Montero provides quarterly hands-on seminars covering topics of interest in the division. Recordings of these seminars can be found on Kaltura.

In addition to these seminars, Dr. Montero has created various Wellness in Action video series. These are short videos, 3-8 minutes each, curated into playlists for staff, faculty, and fellows. Use the links below to access these playlists.

Staff Playlist

Faculty Playlist

Fellows Playlist

Young woman speaking during a counseling session

Mental Health Services for Residents and Fellows

Residents and fellows at IU School of Medicine have a range of options for mental health services and behavioral health care. IU School of Medicine provides free and confidential counseling services to resident and fellow physicians. These include individual, couples and family, and group counseling; consultation; programming; and emergency intervention.

Among concerns are adjustment, alcohol or drug-related difficulties, anxiety and stress management, body image, depression, disordered eating, emotional response to physician responsibilities, harassment, individual differences, relationship difficulties, self-esteem, sexuality, sexual victimization, and suicidal thoughts.

All individuals are treated with respect regardless of age, color, counseling concern, ethnicity, gender, marital or parental status, national origin, race, religion, physical ability, sexual orientation, or veteran status.

Counseling is confidential in accordance with state laws and ethical guidelines. Counseling records are maintained in files separate from the student and staff files, and they cannot be accessed by faculty, staff, administrators, parents or other student-staff without the individual’s written permission.

Mental Health Services
Mid-section portrait of unrecognizable woman during last months of pregnancy holding her big belly gently standing against wall in blue room

Pregnancy Policy

The health of our fellows is a top priority. Fellows in their last trimester of pregnancy do not take bleeder call. Fellows wean in and out of parental leave months without consults rotations. In addition, we will attempt to accommodate any other health care needs that may arise during the course of the pregnancy.
Two women talk confidentially

Wellness Days

All fellows are allowed to take two half-days per month for personal time off. Personal time is meant to improve resident health and well-being by providing trainees with the flexibility to schedule doctor’s appointments, dentist’s appointments, car repairs, etc, and to encourage trainees to model healthy lifestyles for their patients.

Employee and Physician Assistance Program

As employees of Indiana University, all IU School of Medicine faculty, residents and fellows have eligibility and access to the Indiana University Employee Assistance Program (IU EAP).

IU School of Medicine has contracted with the Indiana State Medical Association Physician Assistance Commission (ISMA-PAC) to coordinate efforts in identifying and assisting physicians with illnesses impairing their ability to practice medicine. These illnesses may include chemical dependency, psychiatric illnesses, and/or physical illnesses. The ISMA-PAC was created to assist in the identification, treatment, and rehabilitation of an impaired member of the medical staff and house staff.

The ISMA Commission serves all physicians who provide care at IU Health Methodist, IU Health University Hospital, Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health, VAMC, and Eskenazi Health be they faculty, staff or resident physicians.

If intervention is deemed appropriate, it is undertaken in a confidential, positive, supportive manner, consistent with the laws of the State of Indiana, with the goals of recovery and rehabilitation foremost in mind. For confidential assistance, contact: Candace Backer, ISMA Physician Assistance coordinator, 322 Canal Walk, Indianapolis, IN 46202; Phone: 317-261-2060 or 1-800-257-4762.

SupportLinc Employee Assistance Program (EAP)