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Clinical Liver Research

 Group photo of the IU Clinical Liver Research Team 2022

In addition to providing the best possible and individualized care for patients with various liver disorders, we, at the Clinical Liver Research group at Indiana University School of Medicine, strongly believe that clinical research is vital to improve the understanding and treatment of liver diseases. Through clinical trials and studies, we hope to investigate the safety and efficacy of new drugs and treatment interventions that can ultimately lead to improved outcomes for our patients.

By participating in clinical research, patients have the opportunity to receive cutting-edge treatments, gain access to leading experts in the field, and contribute to the development of new therapies that can potentially benefit future generations. Furthermore, the impact of clinical research extends far beyond the immediate benefits to individual patients. The knowledge gained through clinical trials and studies can inform clinical practice guidelines and influence public health policy, ultimately leading to improved healthcare outcomes for all. It is important to note that without the participation of volunteers, clinical research would come to a halt. It is the altruism and generosity of patients and their families that allows researchers to make significant strides in the fight against liver disorders.

Our group has long recognized the importance of clinical research in advancing medical knowledge and improving patient outcomes. We are grateful for the patients and families who participate in clinical trials and studies, and we remain committed to conducting rigorous research that can positively impact the lives of those affected by liver disorders.

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The IU Clinical Liver Research faculty are widely published in leading journals as a result of their work. More than 800 publications to date have been circulated.

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