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5086-Bosslet, Gabriel

Gabriel T. Bosslet, MD, MA

Program Director

Gabe joined the division as a fellow and after graduating in 2010 was fast tracked into the program director role. Gabe’s clinical interest is in respiratory complications of neuromuscular disease and non-invasive ventilation. In addition to his role as fellowship director, he serves as Assistant Dean for Faculty Affairs and Professional Development.

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38879-Machado, Roberto

Roberto F. Machado, MD

Division Chief

Roberto joined the division in 2018. He brought with him substantial research and clinical experience in pulmonary hypertension and the pulmonary complications of sickle cell disease.

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Joyce Dobson

Fellowship Program Coordinator

Joyce joined the fellowship program in January of 2020, just in time to start coordinating for the pandemic. Fortunately, her extensive graduate medical education experience across three states prepared her well for the challenge ahead.

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