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Environmental Wellness

good health by occupying pleasant, stimulating environments that support well-being

Why is it important?

Mental environment is affected by physical environment in many different domains. The most significant factors are noise, sense of overcrowding, fear of crime, and access to escape facilities (green space, community facilities, etc.) 24

Information and Resources

IU School of Medicine does not tolerate mistreatment and has policies in place for both reporting and addressing it.

This interactive map of Indiana has labeled all the parks, reservoirs, trails, forests, etc. in the state.

Find National Park information by state.

Research healthier products with the help of this app.

GoodGuide is a website that can also help with finding healthier products.

Try these tips for creating an effective study space at home.

Check this infographic about organizing your study space.


  • Look for opportunities to study in different places; find which location is best for you.
  • Try studying outside when the weather is nice.
  • Personalize your room so that it reflects your personality.
  • Reuse plastic containers/bags or buy reusable bags.
  • Conserve electricity whenever possible.
  • Try to study in areas with natural light and fresh air.
  • Planting plants/gardens can be a hobby as well as enhancing your home/learning environment.
  • Take an objective look at your environment. Is there anything that is making you upset or anxious? How can you resolve those things? What about things that you enjoy or that make you happy? How can you emphasize those aspects?