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Occupational Wellness

experiencing growth, personal satisfaction and enrichment from one’s work

Why is it important?

Job satisfaction is positively correlated with mental health, and to a lesser degree with physical health.6

Clinical experiences and interactions with lecturers/doctors as colleagues are important for the development of medical students’ professional identity.7

Information and Resources

Browse resources for career development through IU School of Medicine.

Service Learning can provide you with various opportunities to volunteer.

There are many opportunities to get involved with volunteer projects across Indiana.

The Student Outreach Clinic is an excellent way to give back to the community in the form of clinical care.

The AAMC Careers in Medicine page provides students with quizzes and information about choosing a specialty

Develop the skills necessary to function as part of a medical team8

Finding Inspiration and Resilience in Medicine (FIRM) is a SIG run by IU School of Medicine and Marian University DO students that emphasizes building resilience and decreasing burnout.


Think back to earlier in your medical school/undergraduate career and reflect on how much you have learned and improved.

Meet with your physician mentor to address any concerns or questions.

Request a career mentor in your specialty of interest.

Realize that practicing medicine is a skill that is developed through repeated efforts and failures.

Celebrate every success, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant.

If you aren’t currently having clinical experiences, consider volunteering/shadowing (especially with underserved populations) to put all your studying in perspective.