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Spiritual Wellness

expanding a sense of purpose and meaning in life

Why is it important?

Gratitude can enhance performance and wellbeing in both those expressing it and those receiving it.21

Secularized people were more likely to have deficits in community belonging and sensing a direction in life in comparison to highly religious people. However, being highly religious or secularized was associated with being at both extremes of mental health.22

Religiousness has a beneficial effect on physical and mental health.23

Information and Resources

Use these gratitude exercises to cultivate appreciation in your life.

Insight Timer is a popular app for both guided and self-directed meditation.

Spiritual care and chaplaincy services are available through IU Health, Gateway building (950 N Meridian St. 1100). To schedule an appointment, call 317-962-0274 (office).

A devotional/daily verse from your religious organization can be inspirational and uplifting.

Unsure about what you value in life? Try these tips to help define those values.


Be an active part of your religious/spiritual organization.

What do you feel is your purpose in life? Are you working towards fulfilling that purpose? If not, how can you?

Is your current behavior consistent with the values that you hold? If not, how can you alter those behaviors?