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Headspace — Be Kind to Your Mind

Indiana University School of Medicine is committed to supporting your mental health and well-being as you navigate your academic and professional journey. As an IU School of Medicine learner, you have access to many resources that help you maintain your overall health and wellness. You have free access to Headspace, a mindfulness and meditation app.

To access Headspace, please reach out to Chelsy Hicks ( Please make sure the name you use for enrollment matches what is in MSAS. If you know you have signed up for Headspace but still have not received the enrollment email, reach out to Chelsy to confirm verification of your credentials.

The information needed is:
[First name] [Last name] [email address]

Headspace has become an important part of my wellness practice while in medical school. I have found this ideal for after a workout, to take a pause on a long study binge, or to relax before going to bed. They have cut down my time-to-sleep considerably, when paired with stretching, as they help me relax and turn-off from a busy day.

Brian Niebuhr, MS2