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Emergency Medicine/Pediatrics Specialty at a Glance

Students interested in a career in pediatrics and emergency medicine should complete the emergency medicine Phase 3 clerkship on the Indianapolis campus in either IU Health Methodist Hospital or Eskenazi Health Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital emergency departments.

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  • Why should a student choose emergency medicine-pediatrics?

    Combined emergency medicine/pediatrics (EM/Peds) training is designed for students interested in pursuing training in both emergency medicine and pediatrics. This comprehensive program provides training in both general pediatrics and general emergency medicine, allowing graduates to be eligible for board certification in both specialties. Graduates develop a broad skill set suitable for practice in any environment and are uniquely equipped to communicate between emergency medicine and pediatrics practices. While there are overlapping educational goals with pediatric emergency medicine training programs (PEM), EM/Peds programs offer a distinct focus on the full spectrum of both specialties rather than a narrowed focus on pediatric acute care.

  • Are there things students should be doing in Phase 1 (year 1 and 2) to prepare?

    Focus on your studies and what drives your passions! Take opportunities to learn more about emergency medicine and pediatrics including engagement of student interest groups and exposure to senior students and residents.

  • What electives are recommended for students pursuing EM/Peds?

    No specific electives are required or recommended.

  • What sub-Is are recommended for students pursuing EM/Peds?

    All applicants are advised to complete a rotation in a general emergency department and obtain a Standardized Letter of Evaluation (SLOE) from a program with a residency program, which can be obtained at IU. While a sub-internship (sub-I) in pediatrics is recommended but not required, significant exposure to pediatric medicine is also recommended.

  • Is an away rotation recommended?

    An away rotation is not required but will benefit students who are pursuing a parallel plan in emergency medicine. Discuss with your mentor for more details.

  • How important is research? Does it have to be specialty specific?

    Research is beneficial, but not required. It does not have to be specialty specific, but should inform your passions in medicine.

  • How long is EM/Peds residency training?

    Residency training for this specialty is five years.

  • Are there any specialty-specific recommendations regarding letters of recommendation?

    A successful applicant will have letters of recommendation from both emergency medicine physicians and pediatricians. A SLOE from a general emergency medicine rotation in the fourth year is highly recommended.

  • What are some useful resources for students considering EM/Peds?
  • How does career mentoring at the IU School of Medicine work in this specialty?

    Contact the program director for assignment to a mentor. Mentor assignment is a customized process, unique to every mentee!