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Emergency Medicine/Pediatrics Residency Program

The combined Emergency Medicine/Pediatrics Residency at IU School of Medicine is a five-year program that combines a traditional residency in Emergency Medicine with a traditional residency in Pediatrics. This combined residency training program was established in 1991 and is a part of a two-campus system with three emergency departments that receive more than a quarter million patient visits a year. This residency prepares residents to become clinical experts, leaders and liaisons in emergency medicine and pediatrics while advocating for the community of patients and trainees. At graduation, Emergency Medicine/ Pediatrics residents are eligible to sit for both the Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics specialty boards. IU School of Medicine accepts two residents per year into this program.

Admission Requirements

Successful candidates to the combines Emergency Medicine-Pediatrics residency program must have a strong desire for both specialties and meet the requirements for both programs. That means candidates need at least one SLOE (standardized letter of evaluation), which comes from an Emergency Department rotation at a site that has a residency program. Candidates also need letters of recommendation from Pediatrics.

Register to Match

To register to match with the IU School of Medicine Pediatrics-Emergency Medicine combined residency program, applicants must first register with the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) and complete an application. Interviews are offered November, December and January.

ERAS Match Information

Emergency Medicine Residency

The IU School of Medicine categorical emergency medicine residency is a three-year, ACGME-accredited program. Each year, 21 positions are available.
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Current Residents

IU School of Medicine residents in the Emergency Medicine categorical program and Emergency Medicine/Pediatrics combined residency train with accomplished faculty physicians.
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Graduates of the Emergency Medicine Residency program are practicing medicine all over the United States, creating a large and active network.
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