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Fellowship Training

The clinical divisions within the Department of Emergency Medicine at Indiana University School of Medicine support the department’s mission to further education, innovation and service. These divisions provide the setting for the department’s four ACGME-accredited emergency medicine fellowships in medical toxicology, clinical informatics, out-of-hospital care (EMS) and pediatric emergency medicine as well as the department’s two subspecialty fellowships in emergency ultrasound and disaster medicine.

Clinical Informatics

The Clinical Informatics Fellowship teaches physicians how to improve health care through the use of technology. This ACGME-accredited fellowship provides a unique skill set that allows graduates to implement system-wide changes to impact the care of all patients.

Disaster Medicine

The one-year Disaster Medicine Fellowship provides a multi-disciplinary approach to disaster preparedness, response and recovery. With wide exposure to various areas of disaster medicine, graduates receive valuable educational experiences at local, regional, national and international levels.

Clinical Ultrasound

The one-year Clinical Ultrasound Fellowship provides hands-on scanning in three busy, downtown, Level I trauma centers at adult and pediatric hospitals. Fellows in this program have the opportunity and resources to complete research.

Medical Simulation

The one- to- two-year Medical Simulation Fellowship program is open to doctors across all specialties in medicine. Fellows develop expertise in education, administrative and research aspects of simulation and receive leadership training. Training takes place in the 30,000 square foot IU Health Simulation Center.

Medical Toxicology

The Medical Toxicology Fellowship is a two-year ACGME-accredited program. Fellows gain hands-on management experience with poisoned patients at pediatric and adult regional referral centers, including the Indiana Poison Center, Indiana’s only inpatient toxicology service of its kind.

Out-of-Hospital Care (EMS)

The Out-of-Hospital Care (EMS) Fellowship is a one-year, ACGME-accredited program that offers a robust pre-hospital EMS educational experience, preparing fellows to become leaders in the field of EMS. In partnership with EMS organizations across the city and state, this fellowship immerses the learner in all aspects of pre-hospital medicine.

Pediatric Emergency Medicine

The Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship is an ACGME-accredited program that provides challenging and diverse training at the only level-one pediatric trauma center in Indiana. Fellows in this two- to three-year fellowship gain exposure to a wide range of pediatric emergency cases.