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The Emergency Medicine Residency program consists of 13 four-week blocks, which provide a uniform experience in each clinical rotation and eliminate confusion about change-over dates, affording an additional training block each year. The first year of this program places heavy emphasis on the most critically ill patients. Multiple intensive care months allow for excellent training in procedures and resuscitations, ensuring that all first-year residents are competent and confident when advancing to upper-level resident status.

Both second- and third-year upper-level residents function as scheduling equals in the emergency medicine categorical residency program. This allows for residents to care for the sickest patients in the emergency department for two full years with different levels of faculty guidance through each year. During the third year of training, residents have teaching shifts in which they serve as the initial staff for medical students, physician assistant students and off-service interns.

The didactic responsibility of emergency medicine residents is participation in a core lecture series, which is designed to repeat every two years with critical topics repeated annually. Each block includes a session in which each residency class meets separately to allow an entire peer group to assemble for topics of interest relative to their level of training.

Block Schedule of Rotations

Year 1 Blocks
ED Orientation 1
Methodist Hospital ED 2.25
Eskenazi Hospital ED 2
Trauma ICU 1
Adult ICU 1
Pulmonary ICU 1
Orthopedics  1
Riley Pediatric ED 1
OB/GYN 0.75
ED Ultrasonography 0.5
Anesthesiology 0.5
Medical Toxicology 1
Year 2 Blocks
Methodist Hospital ED 4
Eskenazi Hospital ED 4
Trauma Nights 1
Adult ICU 1
Riley Pediatrics ICU 1
Admin/EMS/Research 1
Elective 1
Year 3 Blocks
Methodist Hospital ED* 4.5
Eskenazi Hospital ED* 4.5
Riley Pediatrics ICU/IUH North NICU 1
Pediatric Anesthesia 1
Elective 2
Typical Electives
Ultrasound Palliative Care
Dermatology Global Health
Disaster medicine Motor Sports
Aeromedical Pre-hospital Care Simulation
Resuscitation Radiology
Advanced Toxicology Research
Infectious Disease Rehabilitation
Physical Therapy in the ED Nephrology
Others (upon request)