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Neurology Specialty at a Glance

Students interested in a career in neurology should take the neurology senior elective as this was designed specifically for a broad exposure to neurology. Students taking this elective get to work with most members of the admissions committee and common recommendation letter writers. This elective should be completed before September.

Match Statistics

Step 2 CK median score: 246
25th percentile USMLE Step 2 CK: 235.0
75th percentile USMLE Step 2 CK: 255.0
Median programs applied to: 31
Median research experiences: 3
Median abstracts, presentations or publications: 5

  • Why should a student choose neurology?

    A student should consider this specialty if they:

    • Want excellent job satisfaction

    • Are able to work in various settings like inpatient or outpatient or combinations of both

    • Are able to do procedures or not do procedures

    • Want to learn about the explosion of therapeutic options for various neurological conditions

  • Are there things students should be doing in Phase 1 (year 1 and 2) to prepare?

    Nothing specific, but students should develop a sound fund of knowledge and become as well-rounded as possible

  • What electives are recommended for students pursuing neurology?

    It is recommended to take the neurology fourth year elective.

  • What sub-Is are recommended for students pursuing neurology?

    Internal medicine or pediatrics are the recommended sub-Is.

  • Is an away rotation recommended in neurology?

    Away rotations are recommended if the student has a specific and/or competitive institution or area of the country where they would like to train.

  • How important is research? Does it have to be specialty specific?

    Research is helpful, but not required for this specialty. Nor does the research you do have to be specialty specific.

  • How long is neurology residency training?

    Residency training for this specialty is three years, plus PGY-1 transitional/preliminary, so four total years.

  • Are there any specialty-specific recommendations regarding letters of recommendation?

    Ensure you secure at least three letters of recommendation for your neurology residency application. While not all letters need to be from neurologists, it's advisable to have one or two letters from a neurologist.

  • What are some useful resources for students considering neurology?

    The American Academy of Neurology website is a great resource.

  • How does career mentoring at the IU School of Medicine work in this specialty?

    Interested students are paired with faculty mentors based upon their areas of interest.