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Neurosurgery Specialty at a Glance

Match Statistics:

Step 2 CK Median Score (253)
25th Percentile USMLE Step 2 CK (245.0)
75TH Percentile USMLE Step 2 CK (261.0)
Median programs applied to (75)
Median research experiences (5)
Median abstracts, presentations, or publications (20)

  • Why should a student choose neurosurgery?

    Students pursuing a career in neurosurgery do so with an interest in the neurological system and a desire to operate. An individual will develop skills in areas of spine surgery, brain tumor surgery, vascular and endovascular surgery, and functional neurosurgery while treating infants through those at the end of their life.

  • Are there things students should be doing in Phase 1 (year 1 and 2) to prepare?

    Early identification of a mentor and engagement in research are helpful but not required.

  • What electives are recommended for students pursuing neurosurgery?
  • What sub-Is are recommended for students pursuing neurosurgery?
    • Critical care

    • Neuroradiology

  • Is an away rotation recommended in neurosurgery?

    For this specialty, two or three away rotations are recommended depending on the year and circumstances.

  • How important is research? Does it have to be specialty specific?

    Research tends to be reviewed critically in neurosurgery. While the number of publications helps to draw attention, the position of the author, journal published in and the applicant's knowledge of the material they did research on is key.

  • How long is neurosurgery residency training?

    Residency training for this specialty is seven years.

  • Are there any specialty-specific recommendations regarding letters of recommendation?

    Letters of recommendation in neurosurgery have become standardized and come from programs, not individuals. It is important to meet with the chair and the program director both at IU and at your selected away rotations.

  • What are some useful resources for students considering neurosurgery?
  • How does career mentoring at the IU School of Medicine work in this specialty?

    Students are connected to a mentor whom that meet with for discussions about how to navigate away rotation and the residency match process.