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Email FAQs

  • Can I access personal email on the IU Health network?

    In an important move to protect patient care, access to personal email services (Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Comcast, etc.) and social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc.) has been blocked from computers and devices on the IU Health network. This is being done on the recommendation of the FBI and the American Hospital Association due to ongoing ransomware attacks on health systems across the U.S. The move also will help ensure clinical equipment connected to the network remains available for patient care. The restriction is expected to last two weeks or until ransomware threats have diminished.

    Access from IU Health Guest Wireless and Eduroam is not affected.

    Microsoft Office 365 will continue to be available for IU Health and IU School of Medicine faculty and residents on company owned and personal devices.

    If you need to access personal email or social media, you may do so using your own devices off of the network.

    Updated: November 2, 2020

  • What are my email options as an IU School of Medicine student?

    An or email address directed to Exchange email without forwarding is required. It is your responsibility to use your IU Exchange email for all official school communication. You must also check your IU email regularly.

  • Are there any advantages to using Exchange?

    Yes, there are several advantages:

    • Exchange offers greater security than any of the other options. Because students in any of the health professions come into contact with patient information, this enhanced security is essential.

    • Exchange users are allotted 50 GB of storage. 

    • Exchange has many additional, easy-to-use features.

    • Personal calendars and shared calendars are a valuable tool.

    • Exchange is required for all medical students.

  • Is it ok to forward my Exchange email to another host, such as Gmail or Hotmail?

    No. Using Exchange is mandated because of its enhanced security. Also, if you have Exchange but don’t read it, you will miss official emails from IU School of Medicine. 

    See Forward your IU email

  • Why am I required to use Exchange email instead of Gmail at IU?

    Using Exchange is mandated because its enhanced security helps to safeguard patient privacy.

  • How can I set up my Exchange email?
  • I forgot my password. What should I do?

    Contact your support center based on your campus location.

  • If I have problems setting up my email, who can I contact?

    Contact your support center based on your campus location.

  • How can I access my Exchange email?

    You can use the web interface, which is located at

    You can also use the Outlook email client, which comes with Microsoft Office. Download Microsoft Office from IUware. To configure Outlook with your Exchange Online account, visit IU's Knowledge Base.

    You can also set up Exchange on your mobile device.

  • Where did that important email go?

    Spam filters can be unpredictable. To prevent delivery errors caused by over-zealous filters, take these precautions.

  • I am planning to take a year off. Will my email account expire/become inactive in that time-period?

    To ensure that your email will not be deactivated, Office of Student Affairs must make a change of status request on your behalf. Contact Student Affairs by calling 317-274-1965 or send an email.

  • I will be graduating soon. Can I keep my IU email address? How long will my account remain active?

    Your Exchange account will be disabled after the second consecutive registration period during which you do not register for classes, around February or March.

    However, you can keep your IU email address.

    If you would prefer, you may create an alumni email account through the Alumni Office.