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USMLE Certification Updates

Due to COVID, the USMLE will continue to allow electronic verification of the required ID certification forms for USMLE Step exams. All ID certification forms for IU School of Medicine students will be completed electronically.

The form students send must meet the requirements below before they can be signed by an authorized signer and submitted to the USMLE:

  • The form must contain the student’s photo.
  • The form must contain the student’s handwritten signature.
  • The form must be in PDF format.

The USMLE has waived the requirement for students to appear in person to have the form certified, along with the requirement for the form to have the raised school seal over the student photo.

Once the student has completed their portion of the form and added their photo and handwritten signature, they will scan and send it to the appropriate authorized signer for the individual’s campus (listed below).

One of the School’s authorized signers will sign the form electronically and send it to the USMLE on the student’s behalf. The student will receive an email from the authorized signer confirming that the form has been sent to the USMLE.

Charles Rudick (

Jamie Henderlong (
Sara Rager (

Fort Wayne
Sharon Roberts (
Susan Kane (
Carol Craig (

Last names ending in A-B: Amanda Ybarra (
Last names ending in C-G: Kim Sandrick (
Last names ending in H-L: Gina Blanchford (
Last names ending in M-R: John Keller (
Last names ending in S-Z: Amanda Ybarra (

Jessica Donahue (

Dawn Ilgenfritz (

South Bend
Kristina Borger (

Terre Haute
Peter Duong, PhD (
Elizabeth Nesius (
Kristy Nicoson (

West Lafayette
Matthew Tews, DO (
Natalie O’Neal (
Cresta Cates (