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Master of Science in Medical Science – Foundational Sciences Track

Students in the IU School of Medicine Doctor of Medicine (MD) program who successfully complete all curricular requirements in Phase 1 are eligible to be considered for a Master of Science in Medical Science degree. This option is only for students who permanently leave the MD program. Students awarded this degree are not eligible for reinstatement into the MD program. Students who previously earned the Master of Science in Medical Science degree from the Indiana University School of Medicine are not eligible for an additional MSMS degree under the Foundational Sciences Track.

Successful completion of USMLE Step 1 is not a requirement.


Students seeking to receive this Master’s degree should reach out to Marti Reeser, EdD, at Upon confirmation of eligibility an application will be sent to the student for submission. Applications are received on a rolling basis. Students who are leaving the MD program will be advised of their eligibility for this degree upon separation. Students must apply within six months of the date that the student’s medical school records are closed.

Currently enrolled students can ask questions about the degree or eligibility by reaching out to Dr. Reeser at Please closely review eligibility requirements (e.g., permanently leaving MD program, not eligible for reinstatement upon conferral) prior to requesting an application.