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Time Away for Phase 1

Students must submit either a Time Away/Schedule Conflict or Professional Development Opportunity (PDO) request for all time away from the curriculum.  Both types of requests can be made through the same online form. Requests for each impacted course must be made separately. 

For fall semester, anticipated absence requests must be made at least two weeks prior to time away.

For spring semester, requests must be made at least two weeks before the start of the impacted or concurrent foundational science course.

For unforeseeable circumstances, such as illness, students should submit the request as soon as possible. Students in good academic standing may request up to a total of three days (including travel time) for professional development opportunities (PDO) in year 1 and again in year 2.

See the Time Away Policy for more details, or reach out to your site leader or the assistant dean for Phase 1 with any questions.

Submit a Time Away/Schedule Conflicts request

Time Away/Schedule Conflicts Request Form

Students must submit requests for all time away from the curriculum.

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