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Systems-Based Practice

Students demonstrate an awareness of, and responsiveness to, the larger context and system of health care, utilizing other resources in the system to provide care for patients. Students acknowledge the relationship between the patient, the community and the health care system and the impact on health of culture, economics, the environment, health literacy, health policy and advocacy to determine their role within these social and system dynamics.

Graduates will acquire the following competencies related to systems-based practice.

Systems-Based Practice 1

Demonstrate effective team work through collaboration with diverse patients, their supporters, multi-disciplinary health care professionals and other staff in the delivery of respectful and patient-centered health care.

Systems-Based Practice 2

Evaluate the impact of a patient’s social context in health and disease and how factors, such as culture, socio-economic status, environment, religion, spirituality, sexuality, education and health literacy impact patient-physician interactions, health care decision-making and health outcomes.

Systems-Based Practice 3

Explain fundamental features of health care policy (including funding, legal and regulatory issues) both locally and nationally, the importance of physician advocacy in shaping health care policy, and the potential impact of policy changes on patients, underserved populations and health care providers.

Systems-Based Practice 4

Contribute to a culture of health care and patient safety through compliance with national and institutional guidelines and protocols in addition to reporting real and potential errors or threats and participating in quality improvement activities.

Systems-Based Practice 5

Apply the principals of high-value health care to prioritize resource utilization, on behalf of individual and under-served populations, while preserving the delivery of high quality health care to ensure improved outcomes and just distribution of finite resources.