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During the first year of fellowship training, fellows focus on the principles and practices of clinical pediatric pulmonology. The first year includes an introductory month centered on pulmonary physiology along with pulmonary function diagnostic testing and its applications to clinical care. Fellows acquire skills in flexible bronchoscopy and transition to the pediatric specialist role in caring for the patient. Fellows are also exposed to research in their first year of training, exposing them to a variety of potential research mentors. It is expected that a research mentor and scholarly project is chosen by the end of first year of fellowship.

The focus of second and third year will be on the fellows' scholarly project.  By third year, the work will really hone in on the fellows' career specific plan and can create unique pathways with clinical experience based on planned interests.  Fellows earn an ever-increasing independence throughout their three years on the ward and in the clinics.  By the end of fellowship, fellows will have completed well over 100 bronchoscopies.

Each fellow will participate in their own continuity clinic (they are primary physician) twice per month on average throughout all years, CF clinic with an assigned mentor 2-3 times per month on average, and rotate through several multidisciplinary sub-specialty pulmonary clinics including, but not limited to: PCD, BPD, pulmonary hypertension, neuromuscular, sleep disorders, severe asthma, and technology/ventilator dependent children.  There are a variety of elective experiences fellows have built and done outside of this division

Year One
 Rotation Time Period 
Inpatient Ward or Consult Service 4 months (4 week blocks)
Research 8-12 weeks
Pulmonary Function Lab/Physiology 1 month
Bronchoscopy/Aerodigestive 1 month & Longitudinal
Asthma/Allergy 1 month
Sleep or Vent 1 month
Vacation 4 weeks
 Subspecialty and Fellow Clinic Experience Longitudinal 
Year Two
 Rotation Time Period
Inpatient Ward or Consult Service 2 months (4 week blocks)
Research 7 months
Elective 1 month
Sleep or Vent (based on year one) 1 month
 Vacation  4 weeks
 Subspecialty and Fellow Clinic Experience Longitudinal 
Year Three (Pathway Specific - Clinical vs. Physician Scientist)
Rotation Time Period
Inpatient Word or Consult Service Path Dependent (minimum 2 months)
Research Path Dependent (minimum 6 months)
Vacation 4 weeks
 Subspecialty and Fellow Clinic Experience Longitudinal 

In each year of training, fellows spend a half day in the general pulmonary continuity clinic an average of twice per month and attend the bimonthly CF continuity clinic (one to one and a half days per month on average). Fellows also cover bronchoscopy one day per month during off-service months. At least 200 procedures should be completed by the end of fellowship training.