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During the first year of fellowship training, Pediatric Pulmonology fellows focus on the principles and practices of clinical pediatric pulmonology. The first year includes an introductory month centered on pulmonary physiology along with pulmonary function diagnostic testing and its applications to clinical care. The year includes exposure to inpatient clinical care and specialty areas of pulmonary medicine, including the sleep lab, high-risk asthma/allergy and immunology, and consultative services. Fellows acquire skills in flexible bronchoscopy and transition to the pediatric specialist role in caring for the patient. During the first year, fellows are assigned an individual mentor that oversees their respective cystic fibrosis continuity clinic throughout the three years of fellowship training. Each fellow has an individual general pediatric pulmonary continuity clinic with a core group of attending physicians to staff.

The focus for the second and third years of training is the completion of a scholarly research project. During these years, fellows continue to participate in four to six months of clinical activities, including Ward and Consult services, a month in the care of chronic ventilator and technology-dependent children and self-chosen elective rotations (e.g., Radiology, Adult Lung Transplant, Adult Sleep Medicine, Rehab Medicine or self-created electives). Fellows earn an ever-increasing independence on the ward and in the clinics, applying skills required for clinical care and advanced decision making.

Rotation Time Period
Year One
Pulmonary Ward/Consult Service 5-6 months
Pulmonary Function/Physiology 1 month
Asthma, Allergy & Immunology 1 month
Sleep Disorders & NIV Technology 1 month
Aerodigestive Program/Bronchoscopy 1 month
Research 1 month
Vacation/Paid Time Off 1 month
Year Two
Research 8 months
Pulmonary Ward/Consult Service 2 months
Chronic Ventilation Unit and Clinic 1 month
Vacation/Paid Time Off 1 month
Year Three
Research 8 months
Pulmonary Ward/Consult Service 2 months
Elective 1 month
Vacation/Paid Time Off 1 month

In each year of training, fellows spend a half day in the general pulmonary continuity clinic an average of twice per month and attend the bimonthly CF continuity clinic (one to one and a half days per month on average). Fellows also cover bronchoscopy one day per month during off-service months. At least 200 procedures should be completed by the end of fellowship training.