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Meet the current fellows in the pediatric allergy and immunology fellowship program at Indiana University School of Medicine.
Peds Allergy Fellows

Current Fellows

40599-Huynh, An

An V. Huynh, MD

Indiana University School of Medicine

Undergraduate School: Indiana University Bloomington
Medical School: Indiana University School of Medicine
Residency: Internal Medicine-Pediatrics, Indiana University

Why did you pursue an Allergy/ Immunology fellowship? 
Training in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, I felt strongly about continuing to care for both populations in my future career. I loved the experiences I had in both Allergy and Immunology in my training. In my residency training, I had great pleasure in diagnosing and treating atopic conditions and relieving the morbidity my patients went through on a daily basis. Immunology is an academically stimulating field, requiring methodical and thoughtful investigations into complex patients. I solidified my interest in Allergy/Immunology after participating in the Chrysalis program through the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology (AAAAI). All of these interests made Allergy and Immunology the perfect field for me.

What do you like about the IU School of Medicine program? 
I knew that I would leave this program being prepared to do anything within Allergy/Immunology, whether it is in clinical or basic science research at academic center, private practice, or in industry. As the primary academic and referral center in the state of Indiana, we see a diverse population in regards to both patient demographics and medical complexity. I have great ownership of my patients in my ability to provide care plans and perform and interpret testing, including skin prick testing and specialized immunologic labs, while feeling supported by the fellowship program. I love the people at the IU School of Medicine, not only within the Allergy/Immunology program, but in all the programs that we work alongside, from Pediatric Genetics to Adult Pulmonary. Everyone has been approachable and supportive of my academic and personal needs, which is not always the case at other major academic and research institutions. 

Research/QI interests? 
I have interests in medical education and transitions from pediatric to adult care, particularly in high-risk asthma.

Future plans? 
I am undecided at this time. I enjoy teaching residents and students and have an interest in clinical research, so I am leaning academic medicine

Hobbies/ Interests? 
I love playing board games and cooking good food with my fiancée!

What do you enjoy in Indianapolis?
I am a big fan of our major and minor league sports teams, the local restaurant and brewery scene, and bar trivia. We love local hikes and the arts available in Indianapolis, including the Indianapolis Art Museum (Newfields), shows throughout the city, and Gen Con (the largest tabletop gaming convention, held downtown)! Indianapolis is affordable, all while having every amenity of a major city.

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Jillian Belmonte, Allergy Fellow

Jillian R. Belmonte, MD

Indiana University School of Medicine

Undergraduate School:  University of Notre Dame Medical School: Indiana University School of Medicine

Residency: Internal medicine residency at the University of Louisville

Why did you pursue an Allergy/ Immunology – Pediatric Pulmonary fellowship?I’ve grown up with food allergies, so I was exposed to allergic diseases at a young age. As I progressed through residency, I loved learning more about food allergies and how important it is to clarify allergies at a young age. I appreciated how allergists can greatly change a patient’s quality of life, whether it’s by adding foods back to someone’s diet or helping allergic rhinitis symptoms. There are also many parts of allergy/immunology that are evolving, such as the use of biologics and eosinophilic esophagitis, so it’s great to be in such an exciting field

What do you like about the IU School of Medicine program? I loved how excited all of the faculty is about teaching fellows. I feel like everyone really looks out for our interests and listens to what we would like in a program. Because IU is the largest academic center in Indiana, we see a wide range of pathology, and there is no shortage of intellectually stimulating patients we see daily

Research/QI interests? Food allergies and eosinophilic esophagitis

Future plans? I’m leaning towards private practice, but I’m not opposed to academic medicine either

Hobbies/ Interests? I love cooking and baking! Having friends over for dinner with dessert and fancy cocktails is one of my favorite things to do. I also like reading heartwarming romance novels that are predictable but fun!

What do you enjoy in Indianapolis? I love trying all of the different restaurants around Indy! There is a great and diverse food selection. I also enjoy doing things outside - Eagle Creek Park is especially fun

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