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Peds at PAS

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Each year, students and faculty of the department of pediatrics at Indiana University School of Medicine participate in the Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) national conference. Participants are from a variety of subspecialties and participate in poster sessions, workshops, debates, etc. The PAS meeting is considered the "premier national meeting for pediatric research at every career stage." Find us at Booth 348.


Take a look at what members of the department of pediatrics will be participating in during the 2023 meeting.

Friday, April 28th

Session Title: PAS: Postgraduate Course: Neonatal Acute Kidney Injury (AKI): From Basic Clinical Science to Caring for Baby (and their beans) in the crib

IU Participants: Danielle Soranno

Session Title: Quality Improvement 7: Primary & Subspecialty Outpatient QI Group 2

IU Participants: Emily Scott

Session Title: Allergy, immunology & rheumatology

IU Participants: Jacquelyn Lajiness

Session Title: Children with Chronic Conditions I

IU Participants: Mary R. Ciccarelli

Session Title: 

IU Participants: Katie Gallaway

Session Title: Neonatal Quality Improvements II

IU Participants: Priya Creed- Neonatal Perinatal Fellow

Session Title: Neonatal Quality Improvements I

IU Participants: Blair Welch

Session Title: Breastfeeding/Human Milk I: Human Milk in the NICU
IU Participants: Caitlin Irwin

Session Title: Neonatal General III: Ethics, Parents Take the Lead

IU Participants: Catherine Groden

Session Title: Palliative Care

IU Participants: JP Kelly

Saturday, April 29th

Session Title: Pediatric Nutrition 

IU Participants: Kok Lim Kua

Session Title: Infectious Diseases I

IU Participants: Shannon Hamilton

Session Title: Neonatal-Perinatal Health Care Delivery III
IU Participants: Paul D. Winchester, MD

Session Title: Nephrology II: CAKUT/Genetic Clinical and Basic Science 

IU Participants: Sushil Gupta

Session Title: Pediatric Nutrition I

IU Participants:  Merve Denizli

Session Title: Emergency Medicine V

IU Participants: Matt Yukins

Sunday, April 30th

Session Title: Genomics/Epigenomics

IU Participants: Alexa Mederos

Session Title: Health Services Research II: Covid, State Innovations, and Disparities

IU Participants: Matthew Molloy

Session Title: Children with Chronic Conditions III

IU Participants: Mary R. Ciccarelli

Monday, May 1st

Session Title: Cardiology II

IU Participants: Benjamin Landis